Michal Misiak
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The Pikachu effect: Social and health gaming motivations lead to greater benefits of Pokémon GO use
LD Kaczmarek, M Misiak, M Behnke, M Dziekan, P Guzik
Computers in Human Behavior 75, 356-363, 2017
Ecology shapes moral judgments towards food-wasting behavior: Evidence from the Yali of West Papua, the Ngorongoro Maasai, and Poles
M Misiak, M Butovskaya, P Sorokowski
Appetite 125, 124-130, 2018
Sex differences in human olfaction: A meta-analysis
P Sorokowski, M Karwowski, M Misiak, MK Marczak, M Dziekan, ...
Frontiers in psychology 10, 242, 2019
No sex difference in digit ratios (2D: 4D) in the traditional Yali of Papua and its meaning for the previous hypotheses on the inter‐populational variability in 2D: 4D
M Marczak, M Misiak, A Sorokowska, P Sorokowski
American Journal of Human Biology 30 (2), e23078, 2018
Breast shape (ptosis) as a marker of a woman's breast attractiveness and age: Evidence from Poland and Papua
A Groyecka, A Żelaźniewicz, M Misiak, M Karwowski, P Sorokowski
American Journal of Human Biology 29 (4), e22981, 2017
Prenatal exposure to sex hormones predicts gratitude intervention use. Examination of digit ratio, motivational beliefs, and online activities
DD Michal Misiak, Lukasz D. Kaczmarek, Todd B. Kashdan, Marcin Zimny, Hubert ...
Personality and Individual Differences 77, 68-73, 2015
Free mate choice does not influence reproductive success in humans
P Sorokowski, A Groyecka, M Karwowski, U Manral, A Kumar, A Niemczyk, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-7, 2017
Trolley Dilemma in Papua. Yali horticulturalists refuse to pull the lever
P Sorokowski, M Marczak, M Misiak, M Białek
Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 1-6, 2020
Digit ratio and hand grip strength are associated with male competition outcomes: A study among traditional populations of the Yali and Hadza
M Misiak, M Butovskaya, A Oleszkiewicz, P Sorokowski
American Journal of Human Biology, e23321, 2019
Wasting food is disgusting: Evidence from behavioral and neuroimaging study of moral judgment of food-wasting behavior
M Marczak, A Marchewka, M Wypych, M Misiak, D Drozdziel, ...
bioRxiv, 750299, 2019
Does the “incentive hope” hypothesis explain food-wasting behavior among humans? Yes and no
M Misiak, P Sorokowski, M Karwowski
Behavioral and Brain Sciences 42, 2019
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