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Jim Vaughan
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Model creation using visual markup languages
E Rieffel, D Kimber, J Shingu, C Chen, J Vaughan, S Gattepally
US Patent 8,411,086, 2013
DOTS: support for effective video surveillance
A Girgensohn, D Kimber, J Vaughan, T Yang, F Shipman, T Turner, ...
Proceedings of the 15th ACM international conference on Multimedia, 423-432, 2007
Efficient tracking multiple objects through occlusion
T Yang, F Chen, DG Kimber, X Liu, J Vaughan
US Patent App. 11/771,626, 2009
Context-based contact information retrieval systems and methods
D Hilbert, Q Tran, J Trevor, DA Billsus, J Vaughan
US Patent App. 10/674,422, 2005
The virtual chocolate factory: Building a real world mixed-reality system for industrial collaboration and control
M Back, D Kimber, E Rieffel, A Dunnigan, B Liew, S Gattepally, J Foote, ...
2010 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo, 1160-1165, 2010
Robust people detection and tracking in a multi-camera indoor visual surveillance system
T Yang, F Chen, D Kimber, J Vaughan
2007 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo, 675-678, 2007
Augmented reality navigation for repeat photography and difference extraction
J Shingu, D Kimber, E Rieffel, J Vaughan, K Tuite
US Patent 8,803,992, 2014
Contextual contact retrieval
J Trevor, DM Hilbert, D Billsus, J Vaughan, QT Tran
Proceedings of the 9th international conference on Intelligent user …, 2004
System and methods for creating interactive virtual content based on machine analysis of freeform physical markup
J Vaughan, D Kimber, E Rieffel, K Tuite, J Shingu, S Gattepally
US Patent App. 12/757,849, 2011
The Virtual Factory: Exploring 3D worlds as industrial collaboration and control environments
M Back, T Childs, A Dunnigan, J Foote, S Gattepally, B Liew, J Shingu, ...
2010 IEEE Virtual Reality Conference (VR), 257-258, 2010
Polly Wanna Show You: Examining Viewpoint-Conveyance Techniques for a Shoulder-Worn Telepresence System [Industrial Case Study]
S Kratz, D Avrahami, D Kimber, J Vaughan, P Proppe
MobileHCI 2015, 2015
The virtual chocolate factory: mixed reality industrial collaboration and control.
M Back, D Kimber, EG Rieffel, A Dunnigan, B Liew, S Gattepally, J Foote, ...
18th International Conference on Multimedea 2010, 2010
Evaluating stereoscopic video with head tracking for immersive teleoperation of mobile telepresence robots
S Kratz, J Vaughan, R Mizutani, D Kimber
Proceedings of the Tenth Annual ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human …, 2015
Camera pose navigation using augmented reality
J Shingu, E Rieffel, D Kimber, J Vaughan, P Qvarfordt, K Tuite
2010 IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality, 271-272, 2010
System and method for focus and context views for telepresence and robotic teleoperation
S Kratz, J Vaughan, R Mizutani, D Kimber
US Patent 10,012,982, 2018
Method for creating 3-D models by stitching multiple partial 3-D models
D Lee, D Kimber, J Vaughan
US Patent 9,129,435, 2015
System and method for mobile robot teleoperation
S Kratz, JL Vaughan
US Patent 9,684,305, 2017
Polly: telepresence from a guide’s shoulder
D Kimber, P Proppe, S Kratz, J Vaughan, B Liew, D Severns, W Su
Computer Vision-ECCV 2014 Workshops: Zurich, Switzerland, September 6-7 and …, 2015
Marking up a world: Visual markup for creating and manipulating virtual models
D Kimber, C Chen, EG Rieffel, J Shingu, J Vaughan
2nd International ICST Conference on Immersive Telecommunications, 2010
Look Where You’re Going: Visual Interfaces for Robot Teleoperation
J Vaughan, S Kratz, D Kimber
IEEE RO-MAN 2016, New York, 2016
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