Łukasz John
Łukasz John
dr hab. prof. UWr, Head of Biomaterials Chemistry Group, Faculty of Chemistry, University of Wrocław
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Selected developments and medical applications of organic–inorganic hybrid biomaterials based on functionalized spherosilicates
Ł John
Materials Science and Engineering: C 88, 172-181, 2018
Multifunctional imine-POSS as uncommon 3D nanobuilding blocks for supramolecular hybrid materials: synthesis, structural characterization, and properties
M Janeta, Ł John, J Ejfler, T Lis, S Szafert
Dalton Transactions 45 (31), 12312-12321, 2016
Lactide as the playmaker of the ROP game: theoretical and experimental investigation of ring-opening polymerization of lactide initiated by aminonaphtholate zinc complexes
D Jedrzkiewicz, G Adamus, M Kwiecień, Ł John, J Ejfler
Inorganic Chemistry 56 (3), 1349-1365, 2017
Designing of macroporous magnetic bioscaffold based on functionalized methacrylate network covered by hydroxyapatites and doped with nano-MgFe2O4 for potential cancer …
Ł John, M Janeta, S Szafert
Materials Science and Engineering: C 78, 901-911, 2017
First step towards a model system of the drug delivery network based on amide-POSS nanocarriers
Ł John, M Malik, M Janeta, S Szafert
RSC advances 7 (14), 8394-8401, 2017
High‐yield synthesis of amido‐functionalized polyoctahedral oligomeric silsesquioxanes by using acyl chlorides
M Janeta, Ł John, J Ejfler, S Szafert
Chemistry–A European Journal 20 (48), 15966-15974, 2014
Novel organic–inorganic hybrids based on T 8 and T 10 silsesquioxanes: synthesis, cage-rearrangement and properties
M Janeta, Ł John, J Ejfler, S Szafert
Rsc Advances 5 (88), 72340-72351, 2015
Synthesis of heterometallic compounds with uncommon combinations of elements for oxide nanomaterials using organometallics
Ł John, P Sobota
Accounts of Chemical Research 47 (2), 470-481, 2014
Fabrication, multi-scale characterization and in-vitro evaluation of porous hybrid bioactive glass polymer-coated scaffolds for bone tissue engineering
A Chlanda, P Oberbek, M Heljak, E Kijeńska-Gawrońska, T Bolek, M Gloc, ...
Materials science and engineering: C 94, 516-523, 2019
Designing ancillary ligands for heteroleptic/homoleptic zinc complex formation: synthesis, structures and application in ROP of lactides
D Jędrzkiewicz, J Ejfler, N Gulia, S Szafert
Dalton Transactions 44 (30), 13700-13715, 2015
Imaging physicochemical reactions occurring at the pore surface in binary bioactive glass foams by micro ion beam analysis
E Jallot, J Lao, Ł John, J Soulié, P Moretto, JM Nedelec
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2 (6), 1737-1742, 2010
Non-cytotoxic organic–inorganic hybrid bioscaffolds: An efficient bedding for rapid growth of bone-like apatite and cell proliferation
Ł John, M Bałtrukiewicz, P Sobota, R Brykner, Ł Cwynar-Zając, P Dzięgiel
Materials Science and Engineering: C 32 (7), 1849-1858, 2012
Synthesis and Structural Characterization of a New Molecular Precursor for BaHfO3: A Simple Approach to Eu-Based Phosphors
A Drag-Jarzabek, M Kosinska, Ł John, LB Jerzykiewicz, P Sobota
Chemistry of Materials 23 (18), 4212-4219, 2011
Synthesis and Characterization of Mixed-Metal Aryloxo-Organometallic Precursors for Oxide− Ceramic Materials
Ł John, J Utko, S Szafert, LB Jerzykiewicz, L Kepinski, P Sobota
Chemistry of Materials 20 (13), 4231-4239, 2008
Cyclopentadienyl/alkoxo ligand exchange in group 4 metallocenes: a convenient route to heterometallic species
P Sobota, A Drag-Jarzabek, Ł John, J Utko, LB Jerzykiewicz, M Duczmal
Inorganic chemistry 48 (14), 6584-6593, 2009
Synthesis of cubic spherosilicates for self-assembled organic–inorganic biohybrids based on functionalized methacrylates
Ł John, M Janeta, S Szafert
New Journal of Chemistry 42 (1), 39-47, 2018
Strontium-doped organic-inorganic hybrids towards three-dimensional scaffolds for osteogenic cells
Ł John, M Podgórska, JM Nedelec, Ł Cwynar-Zając, P Dzięgiel
Materials Science and Engineering: C 68, 117-127, 2016
Well-defined polynuclear heterobimetallic complexes as precursors for ceramic and magnetic materials
S Szafert, Ł John, P Sobota
Dalton Transactions, 6509-6520, 2008
Binary bioactive glass composite scaffolds for bone tissue engineering—Structure and mechanical properties in micro and nano scale. A preliminary study
MJ Woźniak, A Chlanda, P Oberbek, M Heljak, K Czarnecka, M Janeta, ...
Micron 119, 64-71, 2019
Structural Characterization of a Methylaluminoxane (MAO)−Magnesium Dichloride Cluster:  Model of MAO Grafted onto a MgCl2 Support
Ł John, J Utko, LB Jerzykiewicz, P Sobota
Inorganic chemistry 44 (25), 9131-9133, 2005
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