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State-of-the-art deep learning: Evolving machine intelligence toward tomorrow’s intelligent network traffic control systems
ZM Fadlullah, F Tang, B Mao, N Kato, O Akashi, T Inoue, K Mizutani
IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials 19 (4), 2432-2455, 2017
The deep learning vision for heterogeneous network traffic control: Proposal, challenges, and future perspective
N Kato, ZM Fadlullah, B Mao, F Tang, O Akashi, T Inoue, K Mizutani
IEEE wireless communications 24 (3), 146-153, 2016
Routing or computing? The paradigm shift towards intelligent computer network packet transmission based on deep learning
B Mao, ZM Fadlullah, F Tang, N Kato, O Akashi, T Inoue, K Mizutani
IEEE Transactions on Computers 66 (11), 1946-1960, 2017
On removing routing protocol from future wireless networks: A real-time deep learning approach for intelligent traffic control
F Tang, B Mao, ZM Fadlullah, N Kato, O Akashi, T Inoue, K Mizutani
IEEE Wireless Communications 25 (1), 154-160, 2017
On-line information providing scheme featuring function to dynamically account for user's interest
H Kittaka, O Akashi, H Suzuki, T Soneoka, N Satoh
US Patent 5,999,975, 1999
A novel non-supervised deep-learning-based network traffic control method for software defined wireless networks
B Mao, F Tang, ZM Fadlullah, N Kato, O Akashi, T Inoue, K Mizutani
IEEE Wireless Communications 25 (4), 74-81, 2018
Reliability evaluation for NFV deployment of future mobile broadband networks
J Liu, Z Jiang, N Kato, O Akashi, A Takahara
IEEE Wireless Communications 23 (3), 90-96, 2016
Efficient virtual network optimization across multiple domains without revealing private information
T Mano, T Inoue, D Ikarashi, K Hamada, K Mizutani, O Akashi
IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management 13 (3), 477-488, 2016
A tensor based deep learning technique for intelligent packet routing
B Mao, ZM Fadlullah, F Tang, N Kato, O Akashi, T Inoue, K Mizutani
GLOBECOM 2017-2017 IEEE Global Communications Conference, 1-6, 2017
Rethinking packet classification for global network view of software-defined networking
T Inoue, T Mano, K Mizutani, SI Minato, O Akashi
2014 IEEE 22nd International Conference on Network Protocols, 296-307, 2014
Correlation among piecewise unwanted traffic time series
K Fukuda, T Hirotsu, O Akashi, T Sugawara
IEEE GLOBECOM 2008-2008 IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference, 1-5, 2008
Total performance by local agent selection strategies in multi-agent systems
T Sugawara, S Kurihara, T Hirotsu, K Fukuda, S Sato, O Akashi
Proceedings of the fifth international joint conference on Autonomous agents …, 2006
Policy-based BGP control architecture for autonomous routing management
O Akashi, K Fukuda, T Hirotsu, T Sugawara
Proceedings of the 2006 SIGCOMM workshop on Internet network management, 77-82, 2006
Secure and manageable virtual private networks for end-users
K Kourai, T Hirotsu, K Sato, O Akashi, K Fukuda, T Sugawara, S Chiba
28th Annual IEEE International Conference on Local Computer Networks, 2003 …, 2003
Multiagent-based cooperative inter-as diagnosis in encore
O Akashi, T Sugawara, K Murakami, M Maruyama, N Takahashi
Network Operations and Management Symposium, 2000. NOMS 2000. 2000 IEEE/IFIP …, 2000
A pca analysis of daily unwanted traffic
K Fukuda, T Hirotsu, O Akashi, T Sugawara
2010 24th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Information Networking …, 2010
Detection and diagnosis of inter-AS routing anomalies by cooperative intelligent agents
O Akashi, A Terauchi, K Fukuda, T Hirotsu, M Maruyama, T Sugawara
Ambient Networks, 181-192, 2005
Towards a low-delay edge cloud computing through a combined communication and computation approach
TG Rodrigues, K Suto, H Nishiyama, N Kato, K Mizutani, T Inoue, ...
2016 IEEE 84th Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC-Fall), 1-5, 2016
ARTISTE: Agent organization management system for multi-agent systems
A Terauchi, O Akashi, M Maruyama, K Fukuda, T Sugawara, T Hirotsu, ...
Multi-Agent Systems for Society, 207-221, 2009
An overlay-based data mining architecture tolerant to physical network disruptions
K Suto, H Nishiyama, N Kato, K Mizutani, O Akashi, A Takahara
IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing 2 (3), 292-301, 2014
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