Po-An Lin
Po-An Lin
Postdoc, Institute of Plant Science, University of Bern
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Induced plant defenses against herbivory in cultivated and wild tomato
S Paudel, PA Lin, MR Foolad, JG Ali, EG Rajotte, GW Felton
Journal of Chemical Ecology 45, 693-707, 2019
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PA Lin, S Paudel, A Afzal, NL Shedd, GW Felton
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PA Lin, Y Chen, D Chaverra‐Rodriguez, CC Heu, NB Zainuddin, ...
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S Paudel, PA Lin, K Hoover, GW Felton, EG Rajotte
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Oecologia 195, 383-396, 2021
Induction of defensive proteins in Solanaceae by salivary glucose oxidase of Helicoverpa zea caterpillars and consequences for larval performance
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Electropenetrography: a new diagnostic technology for study of feeding behavior of piercing-sucking insects
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Research Square, 2022
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Integrating water and insect pest management in agriculture
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Oral cues are not enough
PA Lin, GW Felton
Planta 251 (4), 1-15, 2020
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S Paudel, PA Lin, EG Rajotte, GW Felton
Entomology 2019, 2019
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