Vance P Lemmon
Vance P Lemmon
Univ. of Miami, Case Western Reserve University, Univ. of Pittsburgh, Medical Univ. of South
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Sulfated proteoglycans in astroglial barriers inhibit neurite outgrowth in vitro
DM Snow, V Lemmon, DA Carrino, AI Caplan, J Silver
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KLF family members regulate intrinsic axon regeneration ability
DL Moore, MG Blackmore, Y Hu, KH Kaestner, JL Bixby, VP Lemmon, ...
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Microtubule stabilization reduces scarring and causes axon regeneration after spinal cord injury
F Hellal, A Hurtado, J Ruschel, KC Flynn, CJ Laskowski, M Umlauf, ...
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An L1-like molecule, the 8D9 antigen, is a potent substrate for neurite extension.
C Lagenaur, V Lemmon
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L1-mediated axon outgrowth occurs via a homophilic binding mechanism
V Lemmon, KL Farr, C Lagenaur
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Changes in the vascular extracellular matrix during embryonic vasculogenesis and angiogenesis
W Risau, V Lemmon
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Ectodomain shedding of L1 adhesion molecule promotes cell migration by autocrine binding to integrins
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Human neural cell adhesion molecule L1 and rat homologue NILE are ligands for integrin alpha v beta 3.
AM Montgomery, JC Becker, CH Siu, VP Lemmon, DA Cheresh, ...
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L1 knockout mice show dilated ventricles, vermis hypoplasia and impaired exploration patterns
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Neurite growth on different substrates: permissive versus instructive influences and the role of adhesive strength
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CRASH syndrome: clinical spectrum of corpus callosum hypoplasia, retardation, adducted thumbs, spastic paraparesis and hydrocephalus due to mutations in one single gene, L1
E Fransen, V Lemmon, G Van Camp, L Vits, P Coucke, PJ Willems
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Local presentation of substrate molecules directs axon specification by cultured hippocampal neurons
T Esch, V Lemmon, G Banker
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Krüppel-like Factor 7 engineered for transcriptional activation promotes axon regeneration in the adult corticospinal tract
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The neural cell adhesion molecule L1 interacts with the AP-2 adaptor and is endocytosed via the clathrin-mediated pathway
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Mutations in the cell adhesion molecule LI cause mental retardation
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Activation of the MAPK signal cascade by the neural cell adhesion molecule L1 requires L1 internalization
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The role of cell adhesion molecules in neurite outgrowth on Müller cells
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Recycling of the cell adhesion molecule L1 in axonal growth cones
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In vivo dynamics of clathrin and its adaptor-dependent recruitment to the actin-based endocytic machinery in yeast
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CRASH syndrome: mutations in L1CAM correlate with severity of the disease
M Yamasaki, P Thompson, V Lemmon
Neuropediatrics 28 (03), 175-178, 1997
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