Maciej Bojanowski
Maciej Bojanowski
Institute of Geological Sciences, Polish Academy of Sciences
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Origin of siderite concretions in microenvironments of methanogenesis developed in a sulfate reduction zone: an exception or a rule?
MJ Bojanowski, ENK Clarkson
Journal of Sedimentary Research 82 (8), 585-598, 2012
Oligocene cold-seep carbonates from the Carpathians and their inferred relation to gas hydrates
MJ Bojanowski
Facies 53 (3), 347-360, 2007
Root‐related rhodochrosite and concretionary siderite formation in oxygen‐deficient conditions induced by a ground‐water table rise
MJ Bojanowski, E Jaroszewicz, A Košir, M Łoziński, L Marynowski, ...
Sedimentology 63 (3), 523-551, 2016
Authigenic dolomites in the Eocene–Oligocene organic carbon-rich shales from the Polish Outer Carpathians: Evidence of past gas production and possible gas hydrate formation in …
MJ Bojanowski
Marine and petroleum geology 51, 117-135, 2014
Organic-walled dinoflagellate cysts as a tool to recognize carbonate concretions: an example from Oligocene flysch deposits of the Western Carpathians
M Barski, M Bojanowski
Geologica Carpathica 61 (2), 121, 2010
Stable C and O isotopic study of the Campanian chalk from the Mielnik section (eastern Poland): Signals from bulk rock, belemnites, benthic foraminifera, nannofossils and …
MJ Bojanowski, Z Dubicka, F Minoletti, D Olszewska-Nejbert, M Surowski
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 465, 193-211, 2017
Deep‐burial alteration of early‐diagenetic carbonate concretions formed in Palaeozoic deep‐marine greywackes and mudstones (Bardo Unit, Sudetes Mountains, Poland)
MJ Bojanowski, A Barczuk, A Wetzel
Sedimentology 61 (5), 1211-1239, 2014
Low-temperature zircon growth related to hydrothermal alteration of siderite concretions in Mississippian shales, Scotland
MJ Bojanowski, B Bagiński, E Clarkson, R Macdonald, L Marynowski
Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 164 (2), 245-259, 2012
Geochemical paleogradient in pore waters controlled by AOM recorded in an Oligocene laminated limestone from the Outer Carpathians
MJ Bojanowski
Chemical Geology 292, 45-56, 2012
Carbon and oxygen isotope analysis of hydrate-associated Oligocene authigenic carbonates using NanoSIMS and IRMS
MJ Bojanowski, B Bagiński, C Guillermier, IA Franchi
Chemical Geology 416, 51-64, 2015
Paleosols on the Ediacaran basalts of the East European Craton: A unique record of paleoweathering with minimum diagenetic overprint
S Liivamägi, J Šrodoń, MJ Bojanowski, A Gerdes, JJ Stanek, L Williams, ...
Precambrian Research 316, 66-82, 2018
Improved methodology for identification of Göktepe white marble and the understanding of its use: A comparison with Carrara marble
D Wielgosz-Rondolino, F Antonelli, MJ Bojanowski, M Gładki, ...
Journal of Archaeological Science 113, 105059, 2020
The onset of orogenic activity recorded in the Krosno shales from the Grybów unit (Polish Outer Carpathians)
MJ Bojanowski
Acta Geologica Polonica 57 (4), 509-522, 2007
The Central Paratethys during Oligocene as an ancient counterpart of the present-day Black Sea: Unique records from the coccolith limestones
MJ Bojanowski, A Ciurej, G Haczewski, P Jokubauskas, S Schouten, ...
Marine Geology 403, 301-328, 2018
A supposed eupelycosaur body impression from the Early Permian of the Intra-Sudetic Basin, Poland
G Niedźwiedzki, M Bojanowski
Ichnos 19 (3), 150-155, 2012
Paleoenvironmental conditions, source and maturation of Neogene organic matter from the siliciclastic deposits of the Orava-Nowy Targ Basin
E Jaroszewicz, M Bojanowski, L Marynowski, M Łoziński, A Wysocka
International Journal of Coal Geology 196, 288-301, 2018
New data on the age of the sedimentary infill of the Orava-Nowy Targ Basin–a case study of the Bystry Stream succession (Middle/Upper Miocene, Western Carpathians)
A Wysocka, M Łoziński, M Śmigielski, U Czarniecka, M Bojanowski
Geological Quarterly 62 (2), 327-343, doi: 10.7306/gq. 1408, 2018
Pedogenic siderites fossilizing Ediacaran soil microorganisms on the Baltica paleocontinent
MJ Bojanowski, M Goryl, B Kremer, B Marciniak-Maliszewska, ...
Geology 48 (1), 62-66, 2020
Growth mechanism and burial conditions of calcite concretions from the Krosno shales, Polish Outer Carpathians: structural observations
M Bojanowski
Mineral. Soc. Pol. Spec. Pap 18, 15-24, 2001
Paleolatitude estimation and premises for geomagnetic field instability from the Proterozoic drilling core material of the south-western part of the East European Craton
K Dudzisz, M Lewandowski, T Werner, G Karasiński, A Kędzior, ...
Precambrian Research 357, 106135, 2021
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