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Diurnal patterns of activity of the orienting and executive attention neuronal networks in subjects performing a Stroop-like task: a functional magnetic resonance imaging study
T Marek, M Fafrowicz, K Golonka, J Mojsa-Kaja, H Oginska, K Tucholska, ...
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Respiration phase‐locks to fast stimulus presentations: Implications for the interpretation of posterior midline “deactivations”
W Huijbers, C Pennartz, E Beldzik, A Domagalik, M Vinck, WF Hofman, ...
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Neural circuit of verbal humor comprehension in schizophrenia-an fMRI study
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Effects of chronic sleep restriction on the brain functional network, as revealed by graph theory
FV Farahani, M Fafrowicz, W Karwowski, PK Douglas, A Domagalik, ...
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Melanopsin: From a small molecule to brain functions
M Duda, A Domagalik, P Orlowska-Feuer, O Krzysztynska-Kuleta, ...
Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews 113, 190-203, 2020
Frequency drift in MR spectroscopy at 3T
SCN Hui, M Mikkelsen, HJ Zöllner, V Ahluwalia, S Alcauter, L Baltusis, ...
NeuroImage 241, 118430, 2021
Contributive sources analysis: a measure of neural networks' contribution to brain activations
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JK Ochab, J Szwed, K Oleś, A Bereś, DR Chialvo, A Domagalik, ...
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Dissociating EEG sources linked to stimulus and response evaluation in numerical Stroop task using Independent Component Analysis
E Beldzik, A Domagalik, W Froncisz, T Marek
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Inconvenient correlation - RT-BOLD relationship for homogeneous and fast reactions
A Domagalik, E Beldzik, H Oginska, T Marek, M Fafrowicz
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Long-term reduction of short-wavelength light affects sustained attention and visuospatial working memory with no evidence for a change in circadian rhythmicity
A Domagalik, H Oginska, E Beldzik, M Fafrowicz, M Pokrywka, ...
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Disentangling brain activity related to the processing of emotional visual information and emotional arousal
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Scale-free fluctuations in behavioral performance: Delineating changes in spontaneous behavior of humans with induced sleep deficiency
JK Ochab, J Tyburczyk, E Beldzik, DR Chialvo, A Domagalik, M Fafrowicz, ...
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Effects of scene properties and emotional valence on brain activations: A fixation-related fMRI study
M Kuniecki, KB Wołoszyn, A Domagalik, J Pilarczyk
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Conflict-and error-related theta activities are coupled to BOLD signals in different brain regions
E Beldzik, M Ullsperger, A Domagalik, T Marek
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Systematic balance exercises influence cortical activation and serum BDNF levels in older adults
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Dynamics of error-related activity in deterministic learning-an EEG and fMRI study
M Gawlowska, A Domagalik, E Beldzik, T Marek, J Mojsa-Kaja
Scientific Reports 8 (1), 14617, 2018
Diminished activation of the right Inferior Parietal Lobule as a neural substrate of impaired cartoon-jokes comprehension in schizophrenia outpatients.
P Adamczyk, M Wyczesany, A Domagalik, K Cepuch, A Daren, T Marek
Schizophrenia Research 197, 593-595, 2018
NeuroSmog: Determining the impact of air pollution on the developing brain: Project Protocol
I Markevych, N Orlov, J Grellier, K Kaczmarek-Majer, M Lipowska, ...
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 19 (1), 310, 2021
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