Yudong Chen
Yudong Chen
Associate Professor, Cornell University
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
User association for load balancing in heterogeneous cellular networks
Q Ye, B Rong, Y Chen, M Al-Shalash, C Caramanis, JG Andrews
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Tensor Robust Principal Component Analysis: Exact Recovery of Corrupted Low-Rank Tensors via Convex Optimization
C Lu, J Feng, Y Chen, W Liu, Z Lin, S Yan
Byzantine-Robust Distributed Learning: Towards Optimal Statistical Rates
D Yin, Y Chen, K Ramchandran, P Bartlett
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Distributed Statistical Machine Learning in Adversarial Settings: Byzantine Gradient Descent
Y Chen, L Su, J Xu
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Fast low-rank estimation by projected gradient descent: General statistical and algorithmic guarantees
Y Chen, MJ Wainwright
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Fast Algorithms for Robust PCA via Gradient Descent
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Y Chen, J Xu
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Low-rank matrix recovery from errors and erasures
Y Chen, A Jalali, S Sanghavi, C Caramanis
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Completing any low-rank matrix, provably
Y Chen, S Bhojanapalli, S Sanghavi, R Ward
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Y Chen
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Clustering partially observed graphs via convex optimization.
Y Chen, A Jalali, S Sanghavi, H Xu
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Y Chen, X Yi, C Caramanis
COLT, 560-604, 2014
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