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Changes in fluid regime in syn-orogenic sediments during the growth of the south Pyrenean fold and thrust belt
D Cruset, I Cantarero, J Vergés, CM John, D Muñoz-López, A Travé
Global and Planetary Change 171, 207-224, 2018
Quantifying deformation processes in the SE Pyrenees using U–Pb dating of fracture-filling calcites
D Cruset, J Vergés, R Albert, A Gerdes, A Benedicto, I Cantarero, A Travé
Journal of the Geological Society 177 (6), 1186-1196, 2020
Crestal graben fluid evolution during growth of the Puig-reig anticline (South Pyrenean fold and thrust belt)
D Cruset, I Cantarero, A Travé, J Vergés, CM John
Journal of Geodynamics 101, 30-50, 2016
Relationships between carbonate fault rocks and fluid flow regime during propagation of the Neogene extensional faults of the Penedès basin (Catalan Coastal Ranges, NE Spain)
V Baqués, A Travé, A Benedicto, P Labaume, I Cantarero
Journal of Geochemical Exploration 106 (1-3), 24-33, 2010
Long-term fluid circulation in extensional faults in the central Catalan Coastal Ranges: P–T constraints from neoformed chlorite and K-white mica
I Cantarero, P Lanari, O Vidal, G Alías, A Travé, V Baqués
International Journal of Earth Sciences 103, 165-188, 2014
From early contraction to post-folding fluid evolution in the frontal part of the Bóixols thrust sheet (southern Pyrenees) as revealed by the texture and geochemistry of …
N Nardini, D Muñoz-López, D Cruset, I Cantarero, JD Martín-Martín, ...
Minerals 9 (2), 117, 2019
Spatio-temporal variation of fluid flow behavior along a fold: the Bóixols-Sant Corneli anticline (Southern Pyrenees) from U–Pb dating and structural, petrographic and …
D Muñoz-López, D Cruset, J Vergés, I Cantarero, A Benedicto, ...
Marine and Petroleum Geology 143, 105788, 2022
From hydroplastic to brittle deformation: Controls on fluid flow in fold and thrust belts. Insights from the Lower Pedraforca thrust sheet (SE Pyrenees)
D Cruset, I Cantarero, A Benedicto, CM John, J Vergés, R Albert, ...
Marine and Petroleum Geology 120, 104517, 2020
Geofluid behaviour in successive extensional and compressional events: a case study from the southwestern end of the Vallès-Penedès Fault (Catalan Coastal Ranges, NE Spain)
V Baqués, A Travé, E Roca, M Marín, I Cantarero
Petroleum Geoscience 18 (1), 17-31, 2012
Fluid dynamics in a thrust fault inferred from petrology and geochemistry of calcite veins: An example from the Southern Pyrenees
D Muñoz-López, D Cruset, I Cantarero, A Benedicto, CM John, A Travé
Geofluids 2020 (1), 8815729, 2020
Fluid evolution from extension to compression in the Pyrenean Fold Belt and Basque-Cantabrian Basin: A review
D Cruset, J Vergés, D Munoz-López, M Moragas, I Cantarero, A Travé
Earth-Science Reviews, 104494, 2023
Development of successive karstic systems within the Baix Penedès Fault zone (onshore of the Valencia Trough, NW Mediterranean)
V Baqués, A Travé, I Cantarero
Geofluids 14 (1), 75-94, 2014
Diagenetic evolution of a fractured evaporite deposit (Vilobí Gypsum Unit, M iocene, NE S pain)
M Moragas, C Martínez, V Baqués, E Playà, A Travé, G Alías, I Cantarero
Geofluids 13 (2), 180-193, 2013
Multiple fluid flow events from salt‐related rifting to basin inversion (Upper Pedraforca thrust sheet, SE Pyrenees)
D Cruset, J Vergés, A Benedicto, E Gomez‐Rivas, I Cantarero, CM John, ...
Basin Research 33 (6), 3102-3136, 2021
Allochthonous salt advance recorded by the adjacent syn-kinematic sedimentation: Example from the Les Avellanes diapir (South Central Pyrenees)
G Cofrade, I Cantarero, Ò Gratacós, O Ferrer, P Ramirez-Perez, A Travé, ...
Global and Planetary Change 220, 104020, 2023
Fracture distribution in a folded fluvial succession: the Puig-reig anticline (South-eastern Pyrenees)
X Sun, E Gomez-Rivas, J Alcalde, JD Martín-Martín, C Ma, ...
Marine and Petroleum Geology 132, 105169, 2021
Fracturing and cementation of shallow buried Miocene proximal alluvial fan deposits
I Cantarero, CJ Zafra, A Travé, JD Martín-Martín, V Baqués, E Playà
Marine and petroleum geology 55, 87-99, 2014
Polyphasic hydrothermal and meteoric fluid regimes during the growth of a segmented fault involving crystalline and carbonate rocks (B arcelona P lain, NE S pain)
I Cantarero, A Travé, G Alías, V Baqués
Geofluids 14 (1), 20-44, 2014
Petrological, petrophysical and petrothermal study of a folded sedimentary succession: the Oliana anticline (Southern Pyrenees), outcrop analogue of a geothermal reservoir
P Ramirez-Perez, I Cantarero, G Cofrade, D Muñoz-López, D Cruset, ...
Global and Planetary Change 222, 104057, 2023
Origin and distribution of calcite cements in a folded fluvial succession: The Puig‐reig anticline (south‐eastern Pyrenees)
X Sun, E Gomez‐Rivas, D Cruset, J Alcalde, D Muñoz‐López, I Cantarero, ...
Sedimentology 69 (5), 2319-2347, 2022
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