Christopher Krewson
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The effect of conspiratorial thinking and motivated reasoning on belief in election fraud
J Edelson, A Alduncin, C Krewson, JA Sieja, JE Uscinski
Political Research Quarterly 70 (4), 933-946, 2017
Save this Honorable Court: Shaping Public Perceptions of the Supreme Court Off the Bench
CN Krewson
Political Research Quarterly 72 (3), 686-699, 2019
Public views of the US supreme court in the aftermath of the Kavanaugh confirmation
CN Krewson, JR Schroedel
Social Science Quarterly 101 (4), 1430-1441, 2020
Public support for judicial philosophies: evidence from a conjoint experiment
CN Krewson, RJ Owens
Journal of Law and Courts 9 (1), 89-110, 2021
Research note: Twitter and the Supreme court: An examination of congressional tweets about the Supreme court
C Krewson, D Lassen, RJ Owens
Justice System Journal 39 (4), 322-330, 2018
Political hearings reinforce legal norms: confirmation hearings and views of the United States Supreme Court
CN Krewson
Political Research Quarterly 76 (1), 418-431, 2023
How state judicial selection methods may influence views of US Supreme Court nominees: Evidence from a conjoint experiment
CN Krewson, RJ Owens
Journal of Law and Courts 10 (2), 189-212, 2022
Modern judicial confirmation hearings and institutional support for the Supreme Court
CN Krewson, JR Schroedel
Social Science Quarterly 104 (3), 364-369, 2023
Ideological variation in preferred content and source credibility on Reddit during the COVID-19 pandemic
W Chipidza, C Krewson, N Gatto, E Akbaripourdibazar, T Gwanzura
Big Data & Society 9 (1), 20539517221076486, 2022
Strategic sensationalism: Why justices use emotional appeals in Supreme Court opinions
CN Krewson
Justice System Journal 40 (4), 319-336, 2019
Judicial Philosophy and the Public’s Support for Courts
CN Krewson, RJ Owens
Political Research Quarterly, 2022
Historical development of Supreme Court research
CN Krewson, RJ Owens
Routledge Handbook of Judicial Behavior, 97-113, 2017
The Costs of Policy Legitimation: A Test of the Political Capital Hypothesis
D Fontana, CN Krewson
Journal of Law and Courts, 2022
Supreme Court Legitimacy and the Gender Gap: Survey Evidence from a Two‐Wave Panel
CN Krewson, JR Schroedel, J Immormino
Public Approval of the Supreme Court and Its Implications for Legitimacy
J Boston, CN Krewson
Political Research Quarterly, 10659129241243040, 2024
How the Intensity of Preference for Ideological Judges Influences Court Support
CN Krewson, RJ Owens
Political Research Quarterly, 10659129241239612, 2024
The Gender Gap in Supreme Court Legitimacy
C Krewson, JR Schroedel
American Politics Research 51 (6), 781-795, 2023
The Rhetorical Power of the Supreme Court
D Fontana, CN Krewson
Available at SSRN, 2022
Curbing the Court: Why the Public Constrains Judicial Independence. By Brandon L. Bartels and Christopher D. Johnston. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2020. 318p. 34.99 …
CN Krewson
Perspectives on Politics 19 (2), 643-644, 2021
Perceptions of a Polarized Court: How Division among Justices Shapes the Supreme Court’s Public Image
CN Krewson
Political Science Quarterly 134 (4), 741-742, 2019
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