Andrea Mazzolini
Andrea Mazzolini
Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics
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Cytowane przez
Statistics of shared components in complex component systems
A Mazzolini, M Gherardi, M Caselle, MC Lagomarsino, M Osella
Physical Review X 8 (2), 021023, 2018
Zipf and Heaps laws from dependency structures in component systems
A Mazzolini, J Grilli, E De Lazzari, M Osella, MC Lagomarsino, M Gherardi
Phys. Rev. E 98, 012315, 2018
Heaps' law, statistics of shared components, and temporal patterns from a sample-space-reducing process
A Mazzolini, A Colliva, M Caselle, M Osella
Physical Review E 98 (5), 052139, 2018
Generosity, selfishness and exploitation as optimal greedy strategies for resource sharing
A Mazzolini, A Celani
Journal of Theoretical Biology 485, 110041, 2020
Emergent Statistical Laws in Single-Cell Transcriptomic Data
S Lazzardi, F Valle, A Mazzolini, A Scialdone, M Caselle, M Osella
bioRxiv, 2021.06. 16.448706, 2021
Optimizing airborne wind energy with reinforcement learning
N Orzan, C Leone, A Mazzolini, J Oyero, A Celani
The European Physical Journal E 46 (1), 2, 2023
Adaptation and irreversibility in microevolution
S Bo, A Mazzolini, A Celani
Europhysics Letters 108 (6), 68002, 2014
Universality of evolutionary trajectories under arbitrary competition dynamics
A Mazzolini, J Grilli
Eco-evolutionary stable strategies of antigenically escaping viruses
V Chardès, A Mazzolini, A Walczak, T Mora
Bulletin of the American Physical Society, 2023
NoisET: Noise learning and Expansion detection of T-cell receptors
MB Koraichi, MP Touzel, A Mazzolini, T Mora, AM Walczak
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 126 (40), 7407-7414, 2022
Inspecting the interaction between HIV and the immune system through genetic turnover
A Mazzolini, T Mora, AM Walczak
bioRxiv, 2022.07. 26.501538, 2022
Universality of evolutionary dynamics with arbitrary demography
A Mazzolini, J Grilli
bioRxiv, 2021.06. 17.448795, 2021
How the abundance in the universe of components determines the statistics of the shared components
A Mazzolini, E De Lazzari, M Gherardi, MC Lagomarsino, M Caselle, ...
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