Ishwara Bhat
Ishwara Bhat
Principal Scientist, Indian Institute of Spices Research
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Cytowane przez
Badnaviruses: The Current Global Scenario
AI Bhat, T Hohn, R Selvarajan
Viruses 8 (6), 17, 2016
Association of a badnavirus in black pepper (Piper nigrum L.) transmitted by mealybug (Ferrisia virgata) in India
AI Bhat, S Devasahayam, YR Sarma, RP Pant
Current science, 1547-1550, 2003
Rapid detection of Piper yellow mottle virus and Cucumber mosaic virus infecting black pepper (Piper nigrum) by loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP)
AI Bhat, A Siljo, KP Deeshma
Journal of Virological Methods 193 (1), 190-196, 2013
Occurrence ofCucumber mosaic virus on vanilla (Vanilla planifolia Andrews) in India
R Madhubala, V Bhadramurthy, AI Bhat, PS Hareesh, ST Retheesh, ...
Journal of Biosciences 30, 339-350, 2005
Serological and coat protein sequence studies suggest that necrosis disease on sunflower in India is caused by a strain of Tobacco streak ilarvirus
AI Bhat, RK Jain, A Kumar, M Ramiah, A Varma
Archives of virology 147, 651-658, 2002
Nucleocapsid protein gene sequence studies suggest that soybean bud blight is caused by a strain of Groundnut bud necrosis virus
AI Bhat, RK Jain, A Varma, SK Lal
Current Science, 1389-1392, 2002
Reaction of Lycopersicon cultivars and wild accessions to tomato leaf curl virus
V Muniyappa, SH Jalikop, AK Saikia, Chennarayappa, G Shivashankar, ...
Euphytica 56, 37-41, 1991
Virus resistant transgenic plants for environmentally safe management of viral diseases
A Varma, RK Jain, AI Bhat
NISCAIR-CSIR, India, 2002
Sequence conservation in the coat protein gene of tobacco streak virus isolates causing necrosis disease in cotton, mung bean, sunflower and sunn-hemp in India
AI Bhat, RK Jain, V Chaudhary, MK Reddy, M Ramiah, SN Chattannavar, ...
NISCAIR-CSIR, India, 2002
Sodium sulphite enhances RNA isolation and sensitivity of Cucumber mosaic virus detection by RT-PCR in black pepper
S Siju, R Madhubala, AI Bhat
Journal of virological methods 141 (1), 107-110, 2007
Detection of Tobacco streak virus from sunflower and other crops by reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction
AI Bhat, RK Jain, M Ramiah
Indian Phytopathology 55 (2), 216-218, 2002
Development of a single-tube multiplex RT–PCR for the simultaneous detection of Cucumber mosaic virus and Piper yellow mottle virus associated with stunt disease of black pepper
AI Bhat, S Siju
Current Science, 973-976, 2007
Characterization of plant viruses
AI Bhat, GP Rao
Springer Protocols Handbooks, 23, 2020
Development, characterization and cross species amplification of polymorphic microsatellite markers from expressed sequence tags of turmeric (Curcuma longa L.)
S Siju, K Dhanya, S Syamkumar, B Sasikumar, TE Sheeja, AI Bhat, ...
Molecular biotechnology 44, 140-147, 2010
Phylogenetic studies of tospoviruses (Family: Bunyaviridae) based on intergenic region sequences of small and medium genomic RNAs
SS Pappu, AI Bhat, HR Pappu, CM Deom, AK Culbreath
Archives of virology 145, 1035-1045, 2000
The complete genome sequence of Piper yellow mottle virus (PYMoV)
U Hany, IP Adams, R Glover, AI Bhat, N Boonham
Archives of virology 159, 385-388, 2014
Biological and molecular characterization of a Tospovirus isolate from tomato and its relationship with other Tospoviruses
K Umamaheswaran, RK Jain, AI Bhat, YS Ahlawat
Indian Phytopathology 56 (2), 168-173, 2003
Onsite detection of plant viruses using isothermal amplification assays
AI Bhat, R Aman, M Mahfouz
Plant biotechnology journal 20 (10), 1859-1873, 2022
Mungbean necrosis disease caused by a strain of Groundnut bud necrosis virus
HX Thien, AI Bhat, RK Jain
Indian Phytopathology 56 (1), 54-60, 2003
Tospovirus (es) infecting grain legumes in Delhi –their identification by serology and nucleic acid hybridization
AI Bhat, RK Jain, A Varma, N Chandra, SK Lal
Indian Phytopathology 54 (1), 112-116, 2001
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