Alexander Golovnev
Alexander Golovnev
Georgetown University
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
A formal treatment of backdoored pseudorandom generators
Y Dodis, C Ganesh, A Golovnev, A Juels, T Ristenpart
Eurocrypt 2015, 101-126, 2015
Tight bounds for graph homomorphism and subgraph isomorphism
M Cygan, FV Fomin, A Golovnev, AS Kulikov, I Mihajlin, J Pachocki, ...
Journal of the ACM (JACM) 64 (3), 1--22, 2017
On the quantitative hardness of CVP
H Bennett, A Golovnev, N Stephens-Davidowitz
FOCS 2017, 13-24, 2017
AC^ 0 [p] Lower Bounds Against MCSP via the Coin Problem
A Golovnev, R Ilango, R Impagliazzo, V Kabanets, A Kolokolova, A Tal
ICALP 2019, 2019
Static data structure lower bounds imply rigidity
Z Dvir, A Golovnev, O Weinstein
STOC 2019, 967-978, 2019
Brakedown: Linear-time and post-quantum SNARKs for R1CS
A Golovnev, J Lee, S Setty, J Thaler, RS Wahby
Cryptology ePrint Archive, 2021
Breaking the encryption scheme of the Moscow internet voting system
P Gaudry, A Golovnev
FC 2020, 2020
Optimal streaming approximations for all Boolean Max-2CSPs and Max-kSAT
CN Chou, A Golovnev, S Velusamy
FOCS 2020, 330-341, 2020
Approximating shortest superstring problem using de Bruijn graphs
A Golovnev, AS Kulikov, I Mihajlin
CPM 2013, 120-129, 2013
The minrank of random graphs
A Golovnev, O Regev, O Weinstein
IEEE Transactions on Information Theory (ToIT) 64 (11), 6990-6995, 2018
Fine-grained hardness of CVP (P)—Everything that we can prove (and nothing else)
D Aggarwal, H Bennett, A Golovnev, N Stephens-Davidowitz
SODA 2021, 1816-1835, 2021
3SUM with preprocessing: algorithms, lower bounds and cryptographic applications
A Golovnev, S Guo, T Horel, S Park, V Vaikuntanathan
STOC 2020, 2020
A new algorithm for parameterized MAX-SAT
I Bliznets, A Golovnev
IPEC 2012, 37-48, 2012
Circuit size lower bounds and #SAT upper bounds through a general framework
A Golovnev, AS Kulikov, AV Smal, S Tamaki
MFCS 2016, 2016
New exact algorithms for the 2-constraint satisfaction problem
A Golovnev, K Kutzkov
Theoretical Computer Science (TCS) 526, 18-27, 2014
Linear space streaming lower bounds for approximating CSPs
CN Chou, A Golovnev, M Sudan, A Velingker, S Velusamy
STOC 2022, 275-288, 2022
On the limits of gate elimination
A Golovnev, EA Hirsch, A Knop, AS Kulikov
Journal of Computer and System Sciences (JCSS) 96, 107-119, 2018
Weighted gate elimination: Boolean dispersers for quadratic varieties imply improved circuit lower bounds
A Golovnev, AS Kulikov
ITCS 2016, 405-411, 2016
Solving SCS for bounded length strings in fewer than 2n steps
A Golovnev, AS Kulikov, I Mihajlin
Information Processing Letters (IPL) 114 (8), 421-425, 2014
Approximability of all finite CSPs with linear sketches
CN Chou, A Golovnev, M Sudan, S Velusamy
2021 IEEE 62nd Annual Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science (FOCS …, 2022
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