Jeremy Dodeigne
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Who governs? The disputed effects of regionalism on legislative career orientation in multilevel systems
J Dodeigne
West European Politics 41 (3), 728-753, 2018
(Re-) Assessing career patterns in multi-level systems: Insights from Wallonia in Belgium
J Dodeigne
Regional & Federal Studies 24 (2), 151-171, 2014
Centralized or decentralized personalization? Measuring intra-party competition in open and flexible list PR systems
J Dodeigne, JB Pilet
Party Politics 27 (2), 234-245, 2021
What do selectorates seek? A comparative analysis of Belgian federal and regional candidate selection processes in 2014
A Vandeleene, J Dodeigne, L De Winter
American Behavioral Scientist 60 (7), 889-908, 2016
Changing your political mind: The impact of a metaphor on citizens’ representations and preferences for federalism
M Reuchamps, J Dodeigne, J Perrez
Regional & Federal Studies 28 (2), 151-175, 2018
Reforming Belgium’s federalism: Comparing the views of MPs and voters
M Reuchamps, D Sinardet, J Dodeigne, D Caluwaerts
Government and Opposition 52 (3), 460-482, 2017
The new Belgian Senate. A (dis) continued evolution of federalism in Belgium?
R Dandoy, J Dodeigne, M Reuchamps, A Vandeleene
Representation 51 (3), 327-339, 2015
Le G1000: une expérience citoyenne de démocratie délibérative
M Reuchamps, D Caluwaerts, J Dodeigne, V Jacquet, J Moskovic, ...
Courrier hebdomadaire du CRISP 23442345 (19), 5-104, 2017
Beyond linguistic and party homogeneity: Determinants of Belgian MPs’ preferences on federalism and state reform
J Dodeigne, P Gramme, M Reuchamps, D Sinardet
Party Politics 22 (4), 427-439, 2016
Metaphors in political communication: A case study of the use of deliberate metaphors in non-institutional political interviews
P Heyvaert, F Randour, J Dodeigne, J Perrez, M Reuchamps
Journal of Language and Politics 19 (2), 201-225, 2020
Language, identity and voting
D Sinardet, L De Winter, J Dodeigne, M Reuchamps
Mind the gap: Political participation and representation in Belgium, 113-132, 2018
Les élections communales en 2012 en wallonie
R Dandoy, J Dodeigne, G Matagne, M Reuchamps
Vanden Broele, 2013
Representing a minority group in multinational federal systems: Career patterns in Catalonia, Scotland and Wallonia
J Dodeigne
ULiège-Université de Liège, 2015
The attractiveness of local and national list labels: the role of socio-economic inequalities on the success of electoral lists
J Dodeigne, V Jacquet, M Reuchamps
Local government studies 46 (5), 763-779, 2020
Les attitudes communautaires et le vote
K Deschouwer, L De Winter, M Reuchamps, J Dodeigne
9782802741084, 2015
Nationalisation of local party systems in Belgium (1976-2018): the combined effects of municipality size and parliamentary parties’ dominance
J Dodeigne, C Close, F Teuber
Local government studies 47 (1), 100-125, 2021
A scandal effect? Local scandals and political trust
C Close, J Dodeigne, S Hennau, M Reuchamps
Acta politica 58 (1), 212-236, 2023
New rules, new political class? Analysis of the impact of the electoral reforms in Belgium on the 2014 elections and aftermath
J Dodeigne, A Vandeleene
Second edition of the Conference'Belgium: The State of the Federation', 2013
L'avenir du fédéralisme en Belgique. Visions des parlementaires fédéraux et régionaux avant l'accord sur la sixième réforme de l’État
J Dodeigne, M Reuchamps, D Sinardet
Revue nouvelle 6, 2013
La circonscription électorale fédérale
D Sinardet
Courrier hebdomadaire du CRISP 2142 (17), 5-47, 2012
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