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Weronika Urbańska
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Cytowane przez
Recovery of Co, Li, and Ni from spent li-ion batteries by the inorganic and/or organic reducer assisted leaching method
W Urbańska
Minerals 10 (6), 555, 2020
The necessity of recycling of waste li-ion batteries used in electric vehicles as objects posing a threat to human health and the environment
A Sobianowska-Turek, W Urbańska, A Janicka, M Zawiślak, J Matla
Recycling 6 (2), 35, 2021
Waste management for green concrete solutions: a concise critical review
M Osial, A Pregowska, S Wilczewski, W Urbańska, M Giersig
Recycling 7 (3), 37, 2022
Future portable li-ion cells’ recycling challenges in Poland
A Sobianowska-Turek, W Urbańska
Batteries 5 (4), 75, 2019
Investigation of the physico-chemical properties of the products obtained after mixed organic-inorganic leaching of spent li-ion batteries
W Urbańska, M Osial
Energies 13 (24), 6732, 2020
Recovery of Co, Li, and Ni from Spent Li-Ion Batteries by the Inorganic and/or Organic Reducer Assisted Leaching Method
W Urbanska
Minerals 10 (6), 2020
The application of artificial intelligence in the effective battery life cycle in the closed circular economy model—A perspective
A Pregowska, M Osial, W Urbańska
Recycling 7 (6), 81, 2022
Recovery of Ni, Cd and Co from spent nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) and nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) batteries by solvent extraction
A Sobianowska-Turek, W Urbanska, K Banaszkiewicz, P Lewko, ...
Przemysl Chemiczny 99 (1), 62-65, 2020
Sustainable municipal waste management during the COVID-19 pandemic—a case study of Poland
W Urbańska, A Janda, M Osial, M Słowikowski
Resources 12 (7), 76, 2023
Upcycling of Acid-Leaching Solutions from Li-Ion Battery Waste Treatment through the Facile Synthesis of Magnetorheological Fluid
M Abramowicz, M Osial, W Urbańska, M Walicki, S Wilczewski, ...
Molecules 28 (6), 2558, 2023
Application of the chemical leaching method for the recovery of Li and Co contained in spent Li-ion batteries
W Urbańska, M Osial, S Wilczewski
Environmental Sciences Proceedings 18 (1), 12, 2022
Non-reductive acidic leaching as a method for recovery of zinc and manganese from Zn-C and Zn-MnO2 battery waste
A Sobianowska-Turek, K Banaszkiewicz, I Pasiecznik, T Marcinkowski, ...
Environment Protection Engineering 47 (2), 2021
Use of recycled tire polymer fibers as a sorbent of toluene
K Banaszkiewicz, TA Marcinkowski, I Pasiecznik, A Sobianowska-Turek, ...
Przemysl Chemiczny 98 (2), 283-287, 2019
Wydzielenie jonów niklu i kobaltu z roztworów po kwaśnym ługowaniu zużytych ogniw galwanicznych metodami flotacyjnymi
K Sobianowska, A Grzesiak, W Wierzbicka, A Sobianowska-Turek
Chemistry, Environment, Biotechnology 19, 13-17, 2016
Utilization of waste Li-ion batteries in Poland
A Sobianowska-Turek, S Wasiewska, W Wierzbicka
Przemysl Chemiczny 95 (9), 1815-1821, 2016
Przerób zużytych baterii litowo-jonowych (Li-jon) w Polsce
A Sobianowska-Turek, S Wasiewska, W Wierzbicka
Przemysł Chemiczny 95, 2016
Biological recovery of critical metals from spent lithium-ion batteries using an innovative combination of the extremophilic bacteria (Acidithiobacillus thiooxidans) and red …
W Urbańska, E Borowska, A Potysz
Elsevier, 2023
The recovery of critical raw materials from waste Li-ion batteries by bioleaching in comparison to chemical leaching-an innovative method based on geomicrobiology.
W Urbańska, A Potysz, EI Borowska, M Kula-Maximenko
2022 Goldschmidt Conference, 2022
Battery Powder as a Source of Novel Graphene Nanocarbons
A Dąbrowska, W Urbańska, M Warczak, M Osial
physica status solidi (b) 259 (7), 2100588, 2022
Waste management costs. A case-based study on selected Polish cities
A Janda, W Urbańska
Environment Protection Engineering 48 (4), 2022
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