Agata Chmurzynska
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The multigene family of fatty acid-binding proteins (FABPs): function, structure and polymorphism
A Chmurzyńska
Journal of applied genetics 47, 39-48, 2006
Fetal programming: link between early nutrition, DNA methylation, and complex diseases
A Chmurzynska
Nutrition reviews 68 (2), 87-98, 2010
Guide for current nutrigenetic, nutrigenomic, and nutriepigenetic approaches for precision nutrition involving the prevention and management of chronic diseases associated with …
O Ramos-Lopez, FI Milagro, H Allayee, A Chmurzynska, MS Choi, R Curi, ...
Lifestyle Genomics 10 (1-2), 43-62, 2017
Effect of leptin gene polymorphisms on breeding value for milk production traits
Z Madeja, T Adamowicz, A Chmurzynska, T Jankowski, J Melonek, ...
Journal of Dairy Science 87 (11), 3925-3927, 2004
Weight loss and metabolic health effects from energy-restricted Mediterranean and Central-European diets in postmenopausal women: A randomized controlled trial
J Bajerska, A Chmurzynska, A Muzsik, P Krzyżanowska, E Mądry, ...
Scientific reports 8 (1), 11170, 2018
Genetics of fat intake in the determination of body mass
A Chmurzynska, MA Mlodzik
Nutrition Research Reviews 30 (1), 106-117, 2017
Dietary, anthropometric, and biochemical factors influencing plasma choline, carnitine, trimethylamine, and trimethylamine-N-oxide concentrations
AM Malinowska, A Szwengiel, A Chmurzynska
International journal of food sciences and nutrition 68 (4), 488-495, 2017
Polymorphism of genes encoding homocysteine metabolism–related enzymes and risk for cardiovascular disease
A Malinowska, A Chmurzynska
Nutrition Research 29 (10), 685-695, 2009
Folate and choline absorption and uptake: Their role in fetal development
A Radziejewska, A Chmurzynska
Biochimie 158, 10-19, 2019
30-Day spexin treatment of mice with diet-induced obesity (DIO) and type 2 diabetes (T2DM) increases insulin sensitivity, improves liver functions and metabolic status
PA Kolodziejski, N Leciejewska, A Chmurzynska, M Sassek, ...
Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology 536, 111420, 2021
One-carbon metabolism and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease: the crosstalk between nutrients, microbiota, and genetics
A Radziejewska, A Muzsik, FI Milagro, JA Martínez, A Chmurzynska
Lifestyle Genomics 13 (2), 53-63, 2020
Low folate intake and serum levels are associated with higher body mass index and abdominal fat accumulation: a case control study
MA Mlodzik-Czyzewska, AM Malinowska, A Chmurzynska
Nutrition Journal 19, 1-8, 2020
Protein and folic acid content in the maternal diet determine lipid metabolism and response to high-fat feeding in rat progeny in an age-dependent manner
A Chmurzynska, M Stachowiak, J Gawecki, E Pruszynska-Oszmalek, ...
Genes & nutrition 7, 223-234, 2012
Elderly women: homocysteine reduction by short-term folic acid supplementation resulting in increased glucose concentrations and affecting lipid metabolism (C677T MTHFR …
A Chmurzynska, AM Malinowska, J Twardowska-Rajewska, J Gawecki
Nutrition 29 (6), 841-844, 2013
TAS2R38 and CA6 genetic polymorphisms, frequency of bitter food intake, and blood biomarkers among elderly woman
J Mikołajczyk-Stecyna, AM Malinowska, A Chmurzynska
Appetite 116, 57-64, 2017
Cytogenetic mapping ofDGAT1, PPARA, ADIPOR1 andCREB genes in the pig
I Szczerbal, L Lin, M Stachowiak, A Chmurzynska, M Mackowski, A Winter, ...
Journal of Applied Genetics 48, 73-76, 2007
Cytogenetic mapping of eight genes encoding fatty acid binding proteins (FABPs) in the pig genome
I Szczerbal, A Chmurzynska, M Switonski
Cytogenetic and Genome Research 118 (1), 63-66, 2007
Sex reversal syndrome (64, XY; SRY‐positive) in a mare demonstrating masculine behaviour
M Switonski, A Chmurzynska, I Szczerbal, A Lipczynski, F Yang, ...
Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics 122, 60-63, 2005
Transgenerational effects of prenatal restricted diet on gene expression and histone modifications in the rat
J Nowacka-Woszuk, I Szczerbal, AM Malinowska, A Chmurzynska
PLoS One 13 (2), e0193464, 2018
Use of a smartphone application can improve assessment of high-fat food consumption in overweight individuals
A Chmurzynska, MA Mlodzik-Czyzewska, AM Malinowska, ...
Nutrients 10 (11), 1692, 2018
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