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Robert Michnik
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Impact of diaphragm function parameters on balance maintenance
J Kocjan, B Gzik-Zroska, K Nowakowska, M Burkacki, S Suchoń, ...
PLoS One 13 (12), e0208697, 2018
Similarities and differences of body control during professional, externally forced fall to the side performed by men aged 24 and 65 years
R Michnik, J Jurkojc, P Wodarski, D Mosler, RM Kalina
Archives of Budo 10, 233-243, 2014
Kinematic analysis of modern dance movement “stag jump” within the context of impact loads, injury to the locomotor system and its prevention
J Gorwa, LB Dworak, R Michnik, J Jurkojć
Medical science monitor: international medical journal of experimental and …, 2014
The influence of frequency of visual disorders on stabilographic parameters
R Michnik, J Jurkojc, P Wodarski, M Gzik, K Jochymczyk-Woźniak, ...
Acta of Bioengineering and Biomechanics 18 (1), 2016
The Upper Limb Motion Deviation Index: A new comprehensive index of upper limb motion pathology
J Jurkojć, P Wodarski, R Michnik, K Nowakowska, A Bieniek, M Gzik
Acta of Bioengineering and Biomechanics 19 (2), 2017
The influence of the scenery and the amplitude of visual disturbances in the virtual reality on the maintaining the balance
R Michnik, J Jurkojc, P Wodarski, M Gzik, A Bieniek
Archives of Budo 10, 133-140, 2014
Motor functions assessment method based on energy changes in gait cycle
R Michnik, K Nowakowska, J Jurkojč, K Jochymczyk-Woźniak, I Kopyta
Acta of Bioengineering and Biomechanics 19 (4), 2017
Similarities and differences of the body control during professional collision with a vertical obstacle of men aged 24 and 65.
R Michnik, J Jurkojć, PP Wodarski, D Mosler, R Kalina
Archives of Budo 11, 27-39, 2015
Mathematical modelling as a tool to assessment of loads in volleyball player’s shoulder joint during spike
J Jurkojć, R Michnik, K Czapla
Journal of sports sciences 35 (12), 1179-1186, 2017
Identification of muscles forces during gait of children with foot disabilities
R Michnik, J Jurkojć, J Pauk
Mechanics 80 (6), 48-51, 2009
Influence of changing frequency and various sceneries on stabilometric parameters and on the effect of adaptation in an immersive 3D virtual environment
J Jurkojc, P Wodarski, A Bieniek, M Gzik, R Michnik
Acta of Bioengineering and Biomechanics 19 (3), 2017
Biomechanika inżynierska: zagadnienia wybrane, laboratorium: praca zbiorowa
D Tejszerska, E Świtoński
Wydaw. Politechniki Śląskiej, 2004
The influence of gender, dominant lower limb and type of target on the velocity of taekwon-do front kick
J Wąsik, D Ortenburger, T Góra, G Shan, D Mosler, P Wodarski, ...
Acta of bioengineering and biomechanics 20 (2), 2018
Identification of muscle forces acting in lower limbs with the use of planar and spatial mathematical model
J Jurkojć, R Michnik, J Pauk
Journal of Vibroengineering 11 (3), 566-570, 2009
Assessment of gait stability and preferred walking speed in virtual reality
P Wodarski, J Jurkojć, J Polechoński, A Bieniek, M Chrzan, R Michnik, ...
Acta of bioengineering and biomechanics 22 (1), 2020
Is it possible to reduce loads of the locomotor system during the landing phase of dance figures? Biomechanical analysis of the landing phase in Grand Jeté, Entrelacé and Ballonné
J Gorwa, R Michnik, K Nowakowska-Lipiec, J Jurkojć, ...
Acta of Bioengineering and Biomechanics 21 (4), 2019
Effectiveness of avoiding collision with an object in motion-virtual reality technology in diagnostic and training from perspective of prophylactic of body injuries
R Michnik, P Wodarski, A Bieniek, J Jurkojc, D Mosler, RM Kalina
Archives of Budo 13, 203-210, 2017
Interactive system of enginering support of upper limb diagnosis
M Gzik, P Wodarski, J Jurkojć, R Michnik, A Bieniek
Innovations in Biomedical Engineering, 115-123, 2017
Kinematic analysis of complex therapeutic movements of the upper limb
R Michnik, J Jurkojć, Z Rak, A Mężyk, Z Paszenda, W Rycerski, J Janota, ...
Information Technologies in Biomedicine, 551-558, 2008
Physiological Gait versus Gait in VR on Multidirectional Treadmill—Comparative Analysis
K Jochymczyk-Woźniak, K Nowakowska, J Polechoński, S Sładczyk, ...
Medicina 55 (9), 517, 2019
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