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Mateusz Łącki
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Cytowane przez
Dark state optical lattice with a subwavelength spatial structure
Y Wang, S Subhankar, P Bienias, M Łącki, TC Tsui, MA Baranov, ...
Physical review letters 120 (8), 083601, 2018
Quantum Hall physics with cold atoms in cylindrical optical lattices
M Łącki, H Pichler, A Sterdyniak, A Lyras, VE Lembessis, O Al-Dossary, ...
Physical Review A 93 (1), 013604, 2016
Nanoscale “dark state” optical potentials for cold atoms
M Łącki, MA Baranov, H Pichler, P Zoller
Physical review letters 117 (23), 233001, 2016
Fast dynamics for atoms in optical lattices
M Łącki, J Zakrzewski
Physical review letters 110 (6), 065301, 2013
Dynamics of cold bosons in optical lattices: effects of higher Bloch bands
M Łącki, D Delande, J Zakrzewski
New Journal of Physics 15 (1), 013062, 2013
Disordered spinor Bose-Hubbard model
M Łącki, S Paganelli, V Ahufinger, A Sanpera, J Zakrzewski
Physical Review A 83 (1), 013605, 2011
Extended Bose-Hubbard model with dipolar and contact interactions
K Biedroń, M Łącki, J Zakrzewski
Physical Review B 97 (24), 245102, 2018
Dynamical quantum phase transitions in collapse and revival oscillations of a quenched superfluid
M Lacki, M Heyl
Physical Review B 99 (12), 121107, 2019
Numerical studies of ground-state fidelity of the Bose-Hubbard model
M Łącki, B Damski, J Zakrzewski
Physical Review A 89 (3), 033625, 2014
Tunneling-Induced Restoration of the Degeneracy and the Time-Reversal Symmetry Breaking in Optical Lattices
T Sowiński, M Łacki, O Dutta, J Pietraszewicz, P Sierant, M Gajda, ...
Physical Review Letters 111 (21), 215302, 2013
Coupled atomic wires in a synthetic magnetic field
JC Budich, A Elben, M Łącki, A Sterdyniak, MA Baranov, P Zoller
Physical Review A 95 (4), 043632, 2017
Stroboscopic painting of optical potentials for atoms with subwavelength resolution
M Lacki, P Zoller, MA Baranov
Physical Review A 100 (3), 033610, 2019
Locating the quantum critical point of the Bose-Hubbard model through singularities of simple observables
M Łącki, B Damski, J Zakrzewski
Scientific reports 6 (1), 38340, 2016
Numerical computation of dynamically important excited states of many-body systems
M Łącki, D Delande, J Zakrzewski
Physical Review A 86 (1), 013602, 2012
Reexamination of the variational Bose-Hubbard model
J Major, M Łącki, J Zakrzewski
Physical Review A 89 (4), 043626, 2014
Spin effects in Bose-Glass phases
S Paganelli, M Łacki, V Ahufinger, J Zakrzewski, A Sanpera
Journal of Low Temperature Physics 165, 227-238, 2011
Critical points of the three-dimensional Bose-Hubbard model from on-site atom number fluctuations
OA Prośniak, M Łącki, B Damski
Scientific Reports 9 (1), 8687, 2019
A dark state of Chern bands: Designing flat bands with higher Chern number
M Łącki, J Zakrzewski, N Goldman
SciPost Physics 10 (5), 112, 2021
Optical lattice for a tripodlike atomic level structure
P Kubala, J Zakrzewski, M Łącki
Physical Review A 104 (5), 053312, 2021
Bose-Hubbard model with random impurities: Multiband and nonlinear hopping effects
J Stasińska, M Łącki, O Dutta, J Zakrzewski, M Lewenstein
Physical Review A 90 (6), 063634, 2014
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