Garrett M. Morris
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AutoDock4 and AutoDockTools4: Automated Docking with Selective Receptor Flexibility
GM Morris, R Huey, W Lindstrom, MF Sanner, RK Belew, DS Goodsell, ...
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Freely Available Conformer Generation Methods: How Good Are They?
JP Ebejer, GM Morris, CM Deane
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Rapid and Accurate Prediction and Scoring of Water Molecules in Protein Binding Sites
GA Ross, GM Morris, PC Biggin
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MS Armstrong, GM Morris, PW Finn, R Sharma, L Moretti, RI Cooper, ...
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GM Morris, R Huey, AJ Olson
Chapter, 2008
Learning from the ligand: using ligand-based features to improve binding affinity prediction
F Boyles, CM Deane, GM Morris
Bioinformatics 36 (3), 758-764, 2020
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