Maria Ganzha
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Semantic interoperability in the Internet of Things: An overview from the INTER-IoT perspective
M Ganzha, M Paprzycki, W Pawłowski, P Szmeja, K Wasielewska
Journal of Network and Computer Applications 81, 111-124, 2017
Agent-based Internet of Things: State-of-the-art and research challenges
C Savaglio, M Ganzha, M Paprzycki, C Bădică, M Ivanović, G Fortino
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Towards Multi-layer Interoperability of Heterogeneous IoT Platforms: The INTER-IoT Approach
LM Fortino Giancarlo, Savaglio Claudio, E. Palau Carlos, Suarez de Puga Jara ...
Integration, Interconnection, and Interoperability of IoT Systems, 199-232, 2018
Semantic technologies for the IoT-an inter-IoT perspective
M Ganzha, M Paprzycki, W Pawlowski, P Szmeja, K Wasielewska
2016 IEEE First International Conference on Internet-of-Things Design and …, 2016
Agent-based computing in the internet of things: a survey
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Towards semantic interoperability between Internet of Things platforms
M Ganzha, M Paprzycki, W Pawłowski, P Szmeja, K Wasielewska
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Developing a model agent-based e-commerce system
C Bǎdicǎ, M Ganzha, M Paprzycki
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A review of platforms for the development of agent systems
CV Pal, F Leon, M Paprzycki, M Ganzha
arXiv preprint arXiv:2007.08961, 2020
Utilizing Recursive Storage in Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication-Preliminary Considerations.
M Martone, S Filippone, S Tucci, M Paprzycki, M Ganzha
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A comprehensive review of deep neural networks for medical image processing: Recent developments and future opportunities
PK Mall, PK Singh, S Srivastav, V Narayan, M Paprzycki, T Jaworska, ...
Healthcare Analytics, 100216, 2023
Implementing rule-based automated price negotiation in an agent system
Journal of Universal Computer Science 13 (2), 244-266, 2007
Jade-based multi-agent e-commerce environment: Initial implementation
M Ganzha, M Paprzycki, A Pirvanescu, C Badica, A Abraham
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Utilizing agent teams in grid resource management preliminary considerations
M Dominiak, W Kuranowski, M Gawinecki, M Ganzha, M Paprzycki
Modern Computing, 2006. JVA'06. IEEE John Vincent Atanasoff 2006 …, 2006
Streaming semantic translations
M Ganzha, M Paprzycki, W Pawłowski, P Szmeja, K Wasielewska
2017 21st international conference on system theory, control and computing …, 2017
Towards IoT Platforms' Integration Semantic Translations between W3C SSN and ETSI SAREF.
J Moreira, L Daniele, LF Pires, M van Sinderen, K Wasielewska, P Szmeja, ...
SEMANTiCS (Workshops), 2017
Rule-based framework for automated negotiation: initial implementation
C Bădică, A Bădiţă, M Ganzha, A Iordache, M Paprzycki
Rules and Rule Markup Languages for the Semantic Web: First International …, 2005
Mobile agents in a multi-agent e-commerce system
C Badica, M Ganzha, M Paprzycki
Seventh International Symposium on Symbolic and Numeric Algorithms for …, 2005
Tools for ontology matching—practical considerations from INTER-IoT perspective
M Ganzha, M Paprzycki, W Pawłowski, P Szmeja, K Wasielewska, ...
Internet and Distributed Computing Systems: 9th International Conference …, 2016
Towards common vocabulary for IoT ecosystems—preliminary considerations
M Ganzha, M Paprzycki, W Pawłowski, P Szmeja, K Wasielewska
Intelligent Information and Database Systems: 9th Asian Conference, ACIIDS …, 2017
Implementing rule-based mechanisms for agent-based price negotiations
C Bădică, A Bădită, M Ganzha
Proceedings of the 2006 ACM symposium on applied computing, 96-100, 2006
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