Igor Ivanov
Igor Ivanov
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Tree-level unitarity constraints in the most general 2HDM
IF Ginzburg, IP Ivanov
Arxiv preprint hep-ph/0508020, 2005
Minkowski space structure of the Higgs potential in the two-Higgs-doublet model
IP Ivanov
Physical Review D 75 (3), 035001, 2007
Minkowski space structure of the Higgs potential in the two-Higgs-doublet model. II. Minima, symmetries, and topology
IP Ivanov
Physical Review D 77 (1), 015017, 2008
Diffractive vector meson production at HERA: From soft to hard QCD
IP Ivanov, NN Nikolaev, AA Savin
Physics of Particles and Nuclei 37 (1), 1-85, 2006
Theory and applications of free-electron vortex states
KY Bliokh, IP Ivanov, G Guzzinati, L Clark, R Van Boxem, A Béché, ...
Physics Reports 690, 1-70, 2017
Metastability bounds on the two Higgs doublet model
A Barroso, PM Ferreira, IP Ivanov, R Santos
Journal of High Energy Physics 2013 (6), 45, 2013
Building and testing models with extended Higgs sectors
IP Ivanov
Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics 95, 160-208, 2017
Anatomy of the inert two-Higgs-doublet model in the light of the LHC and non-LHC dark matter searches
A Belyaev, G Cacciapaglia, IP Ivanov, F Rojas-Abatte, M Thomas
Physical Review D 97 (3), 035011, 2018
Anatomy of the differential gluon structure function of the proton from the experimental data on F_ {2p}(x, Q^{2})
IP Ivanov, NN Nikolaev
Physical Review D 65 (5), 054004, 2002
Two-Higgs-doublet model from the group-theoretic perspective
IP Ivanov
Physics Letters B 632 (2-3), 360-365, 2006
Colliding particles carrying nonzero orbital angular momentum
IP Ivanov
Physical Review D 83 (9), 093001, 2011
Classification of finite reparametrization symmetry groups in the three-Higgs-doublet model
IP Ivanov, E Vdovin
The European Physical Journal C 73 (2), 1-25, 2013
Abelian symmetries in multi-Higgs-doublet models
IP Ivanov, V Keus, E Vdovin
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 45 (21), 215201, 2012
Scattering of twisted particles: Extension to wave packets and orbital helicity
IP Ivanov, VG Serbo
Physical Review A 84 (3), 033804, 2011
Symmetry breaking patterns in 3HDM
IP Ivanov, CC Nishi
Journal of High Energy Physics 2015 (1), 21, 2015
Central exclusive production of dijets at hadronic colliders
JR Cudell, A Dechambre, OF Hernandez, IP Ivanov
The European Physical Journal C 61 (3), 369-390, 2009
Scattering of twisted relativistic electrons by atoms
V Serbo, IP Ivanov, S Fritzsche, D Seipt, A Surzhykov
Physical Review A 92 (1), 012705, 2015
Geometric minimization of highly symmetric potentials
A Degee, IP Ivanov, V Keus
Journal of High Energy Physics 2013 (2), 125, 2013
Diffractive S and D wave vector mesons in deep inelastic scattering
IP Ivanov, NN Nikolaev
JETP Letters 69 (4), 294-299, 1999
Tree-level metastability bounds for the most general two Higgs doublet model
IP Ivanov, JP Silva
Physical Review D 92 (5), 055017, 2015
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