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Francesco Salamone
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Design and Development of a Nearable Wireless System to Control Indoor Air Quality and Indoor Lighting Quality
F Salamone, L Belussi, L Danza, T Galanos, M Ghellere, I Meroni
Sensors 17 (5), 2017
Design and Development of nEMoS, an All-in-One, Low-Cost, Web-Connected and 3D-Printed Device for Environmental Analysis
F Salamone, L Belussi, L Danza, M Ghellere, I Meroni
Sensors 2015 15 (6), 13012-13027, 2015
An Open Source “Smart Lamp” for the Optimization of Plant Systems and Thermal Comfort of Offices
F Salamone, L Belussi, L Danza, M Ghellere, I Meroni
Sensors 16 (3), 12, 2016
A simplified thermal model to control the energy fluxes and to improve the performance of buildings
L Danza, L Belussi, I Meroni, F Salamone, F Floreani, A Piccinini, ...
Energy Procedia 101, 97-104, 2016
An Open Source Low-Cost Wireless Control System for a Forced Circulation Solar Plant
IM F. Salamone, L. Belussi, L. Danza, M. Ghellere
Sensors 2015 15 (11), 27990-28004, 2015
Energy performance assessment with empirical methods: Application of energy signature
L Belussi, L Danza, I Meroni, F Salamone
Opto-Electronics Review 23 (1), 85-89, 2015
A semantic framework for sustainable factories
W Terkaj, L Danza, A Devitofrancesco, S Gagliardo, M Ghellere, ...
Procedia CIRP 17, 547-552, 2014
Hourly Calculation Method of Air Source Heat Pump Behavior
L Danza, L Belussi, I Meroni, M Mililli, F Salamone
Buildings 6 (2), 15, 2016
Energy performance of buildings: a study of the differences between assessment methods
MM Lorenzo Belussi, Ludovico Danza, Italo Meroni, Francesco Salamone ...
Energy Consumption: Impacts of Human Activity, Current and Future Challenges …, 2013
A review of performance of zero energy buildings and energy efficiency solutions
L Belussi, B Barozzi, A Bellazzi, L Danza, A Devitofrancesco, C Fanciulli, ...
Journal of Building Engineering, 100772, 2019
An ontology-based framework for sustainable factories
S Gagliardo, F Giannini, M Monti, G Pedrielli, W Terkaj, M Sacco, ...
Computer-Aided Design and Applications 12 (2), 198-207, 2015
Assessment of the Performance of a Ventilated Window Coupled with a Heat Recovery Unit through the Co-Heating Test
FS L. Danza, B. Barozzi, L. Belussi, I. Meroni
Buildings 6 (3), 2016
Integrated Method for Personal Thermal Comfort Assessment and Optimization through Users’ Feedback, IoT and Machine Learning: A Case Study
F Salamone, L Belussi, C Currò, L Danza, M Ghellere, G Guazzi, B Lenzi, ...
Sensors 18 (5), 1602, 2018
A Low-Cost Environmental Monitoring System: How to Prevent Systematic Errors in the Design Phase through the Combined Use of Additive Manufacturing and Thermographic Techniques
F Salamone, L Danza, I Meroni, M Pollastro
Sensors 17 (4), 828, 2017
Electronic device provided with an encapsulation structure with improved electric accessibility and method of manufacturing the electronic device
FV Coppone, A Minotti, F Salamone
US Patent 9,570,380, 2017
Integration of a do it yourself Hardware in a Lighting Device for the Management of Thermal Comfort and Energy Use
F Salamone, L Belussi, L Danza, M Ghellere, I Meroni
Energy Procedia 101, 161-168, 2016
Electronic power module with enhanced thermal dissipation and manufacturing method thereof
R Rizza, A Minotti, G Montalto, F Salamone
US Patent 9,986,631, 2018
Estimation of building energy performance for local energy policy at urban scale
Lorenzo Belussi, Ludovico Danza, Matteo Ghellere, Giulia Guazzi, Italo ...
Energy Procedia 122, 98-103, 2017
How to control the Indoor Environmental Quality through the use of the Do-It-Yourself approach and new pervasive technologies
F Salamone, L Belussi, L Danza, M Ghellere, I Meroni
Energy Procedia 140, 351-360, 2017
Durability of technologies in the keeping of ZEB’s performances
L Danza, L Belussi, G Guazzi, I Meroni, F Salamone
Energy Procedia 148, 138-145, 2018
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