Luiz Davidovich
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Quantum random walks
Y Aharonov, L Davidovich, N Zagury
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Environment-induced sudden death of entanglement
MP Almeida, F de Melo, M Hor-Meyll, A Salles, SP Walborn, PHS Ribeiro, ...
science 316 (5824), 579-582, 2007
Manipulation of photons in a cavity by dispersive atom-field coupling: Quantum-nondemolition measurements and generation of ‘‘Schrödinger cat’’states
M Brune, S Haroche, JM Raimond, L Davidovich, N Zagury
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General framework for estimating the ultimate precision limit in noisy quantum-enhanced metrology
BM Escher, RL de Matos Filho, L Davidovich
Nature Physics 7 (5), 406-411, 2011
Realization of a two-photon maser oscillator
M Brune, JM Raimond, P Goy, L Davidovich, S Haroche
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Teleportation of an atomic state between two cavities using nonlocal microwave fields
L Davidovich, N Zagury, M Brune, JM Raimond, S Haroche
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Method for direct measurement of the Wigner function in cavity QED and ion traps
LG Lutterbach, L Davidovich
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Quantum speed limit for physical processes
MM Taddei, BM Escher, L Davidovich, RL de Matos Filho
Physical review letters 110 (5), 050402, 2013
Sub-Poissonian processes in quantum optics
L Davidovich
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Experimental determination of entanglement with a single measurement
SP Walborn, PH Souto Ribeiro, L Davidovich, F Mintert, A Buchleitner
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Mesoscopic quantum coherences in cavity QED: Preparation and decoherence monitoring schemes
L Davidovich, M Brune, JM Raimond, S Haroche
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Open-system dynamics of entanglement: a key issues review
L Aolita, F De Melo, L Davidovich
Reports on Progress in Physics 78 (4), 042001, 2015
Experimental investigation of the dynamics of entanglement: Sudden death, complementarity, and continuous monitoring of the environment
A Salles, F de Melo, MP Almeida, M Hor-Meyll, SP Walborn, PHS Ribeiro, ...
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Quantum switches and nonlocal microwave fields
L Davidovich, A Maali, M Brune, JM Raimond, S Haroche
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Scaling laws for the decay of multiqubit entanglement
L Aolita, R Chaves, D Cavalcanti, A Acín, L Davidovich
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Quantum theory of a two-photon micromaser
L Davidovich, JM Raimond, M Brune, S Haroche
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Direct measurement of finite-time disentanglement induced by a reservoir
MF Santos, P Milman, L Davidovich, N Zagury
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Decoherence, pointer engineering and quantum state protection
ARR Carvalho, P Milman, RL de Matos Filho, L Davidovich
Modern Challenges in Quantum Optics: Selected Papers of the First …, 2001
Reversing entanglement change by a weak measurement
Q Sun, M Al-Amri, L Davidovich, MS Zubairy
Physical Review A 82 (5), 052323, 2010
Generation of Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen-entangled radiation through an atomic reservoir
S Pielawa, G Morigi, D Vitali, L Davidovich
Physical review letters 98 (24), 240401, 2007
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