Erika Kague
Erika Kague
Researcher Associate at UPENN
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Skeletogenic fate of zebrafish cranial and trunk neural crest
E Kague, M Gallagher, S Burke, M Parsons, T Franz-Odendaal, S Fisher
PloS one 7 (11), e47394, 2012
Wnt signalling controls the response to mechanical loading during zebrafish joint development
LH Brunt, K Begg, E Kague, S Cross, CL Hammond
Development 144 (15), 2798-2809, 2017
Osterix/Sp7 limits cranial bone initiation sites and is required for formation of sutures
E Kague, P Roy, G Asselin, G Hu, J Simonet, A Stanley, C Albertson, ...
Developmental biology 413 (2), 160-172, 2016
Zebrafish as an emerging model for osteoporosis: a primary testing platform for screening new osteo-active compounds
DJM Bergen, E Kague, CL Hammond
Frontiers in Endocrinology 10, 6, 2019
Novel pathogenic mutations and skin biopsy analysis in Knobloch syndrome
O Suzuki, E Kague, K Bagatini, H Tu, R Heljasvaara, L Carvalhaes, ...
Molecular vision 15, 801, 2009
Giantin-knockout models reveal a feedback loop between Golgi function and glycosyltransferase expression
NL Stevenson, DJM Bergen, REH Skinner, E Kague, E Martin-Silverstone, ...
Journal of cell science 130 (24), 4132-4143, 2017
The mechanical impact of col11a2 loss on joints; col11a2 mutant zebrafish show changes to joint development and function, which leads to early-onset osteoarthritis
EA Lawrence, E Kague, JA Aggleton, RL Harniman, KA Roddy, ...
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 373 …, 2018
Functionally conserved cis-regulatory elements of COL18A1 identified through zebrafish transgenesis
E Kague, SL Bessling, J Lee, G Hu, MR Passos-Bueno, S Fisher
Developmental biology 337 (2), 496-505, 2010
COL18A1 is highly expressed during human adipocyte differentiation and the SNP c. 1136C> T in its" frizzled" motif is associated with obesity in diabetes type 2 patients
FIV Errera, LH Canani, E Yeh, É Kague, LM Armelin-Corrêa, OT Suzuki, ...
Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciências 80, 167-177, 2008
BMPs Regulate msx Gene Expression in the Dorsal Neuroectoderm of Drosophila and Vertebrates by Distinct Mechanisms
FF Esteves, A Springhorn, E Kague, E Taylor, G Pyrowolakis, S Fisher, ...
PLoS genetics 10 (9), e1004625, 2014
Scleraxis genes are required for normal musculoskeletal development and for rib growth and mineralization in zebrafish
E Kague, SM Hughes, EA Lawrence, S Cross, E Martin‐Silverstone, ...
The FASEB Journal 33 (8), 9116-9130, 2019
CD105 is regulated by hsa-miR-1287 and its expression is inversely correlated with osteopotential in SHED
FAA Ishiy, RD Fanganiello, GS Kobayashi, E Kague, PS Kuriki, ...
Bone 106, 112-120, 2018
Finite element and deformation analyses predict pattern of bone failure in loaded zebrafish spines
E Newham, E Kague, JA Aggleton, C Fernee, KR Brown, CL Hammond
Journal of the Royal Society Interface 16 (160), 20190430, 2019
Zebrafish sp7 mutants show tooth cycling independent of attachment, eruption and poor differentiation of teeth
E Kague, PE Witten, M Soenens, CL Campos, T Lubiana, S Fisher, ...
Developmental biology 435 (2), 176-184, 2018
Craniofrontonasal syndrome caused by introduction of a novel uATG in the 5′ UTR of EFNB1
VLR Tavares, E Kague, CM Musso, TGP Alegria, RS Freitas, DR Bertola, ...
Molecular syndromology 10 (1-2), 40-47, 2019
Evaluation of cis-regulatory function in zebrafish
EE Pashos, E Kague, S Fisher
Briefings in Functional Genomics and Proteomics 7 (6), 465-473, 2008
Mosaic zebrafish transgenesis for evaluating enhancer sequences
E Kague, C Weber, S Fisher
Journal of visualized experiments: JoVE, 2010
Genome-wide meta-analysis of muscle weakness identifies 15 susceptibility loci in older men and women
G Jones, K Trajanoska, AJ Santanasto, N Stringa, CL Kuo, JL Atkins, ...
Nature communications 12 (1), 1-11, 2021
NCOA3 identified as a new candidate to explain autosomal dominant progressive hearing loss
RS da Silva, VLG Dantas, LU Alves, AC Batissoco, J Oiticica, ...
Human molecular genetics 29 (22), 3691-3705, 2020
Transformed notochordal cells trigger chronic wounds in zebrafish, destabilizing the vertebral column and bone homeostasis
P López-Cuevas, L Deane, Y Yang, CL Hammond, E Kague
Disease models & mechanisms 14 (3), dmm047001, 2021
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