Huberto Rodriguez-Coppola
Huberto Rodriguez-Coppola
Profesor de Física General de la UH
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Multichannel tunneling in multiband heterostructures: Heavy-hole and light-hole transmission properties
L Diago-Cisneros, H Rodríguez-Coppola, R Pérez-Álvarez, P Pereyra
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Status Solidi
L Diago-Cisneros, P Pereyra, R Pérez-Álvarez, H Rodríguez-Coppola
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H Rodrı́guez-Coppola
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Multichannel transmission of holes in a multiband problem
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physica status solidi (b) 189 (1), 107-116, 1995
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L Diago-Cisneros, H Rodríguez-Coppola, P Pérez-Álvarez, P Pereyra
Revista Mexicana de Física 53 (7), 99-102, 2007
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