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Jonathan Radcliffe
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A review of pumped hydro energy storage development in significant international electricity markets
E Barbour, IAG Wilson, J Radcliffe, Y Ding, Y Li
Renewable and sustainable energy reviews 61, 421-432, 2016
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K Uddin, R Gough, J Radcliffe, J Marco, P Jennings
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Market and regulatory barriers to electrical energy storage innovation
GC Gissey, PE Dodds, J Radcliffe
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Liquid air energy storage
Y Ding, Y Li, L Tong, L Wang
Storing energy, 191-205, 2022
Assessing energy storage technology options using a multi-criteria decision analysis-based framework
D Murrant, J Radcliffe
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B Lin, W Wu, M Bai, C Xie, J Radcliffe
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Refrigerated warehouses as intelligent hubs to integrate renewable energy in industrial food refrigeration and to enhance power grid sustainability
K Fikiin, B Stankov, J Evans, G Maidment, A Foster, T Brown, J Radcliffe, ...
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Remaking the UK's energy technology innovation system: From the margins to the mainstream
M Winskel, J Radcliffe, J Skea, X Wang
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Performance analysis and detailed experimental results of the first liquid air energy storage plant in the world
A Sciacovelli, D Smith, ME Navarro, A Vecchi, X Peng, Y Li, J Radcliffe, ...
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The Role of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in Delivering Energy Security
R Steinberger-Wilckens, J Radcliffe, PE Naser Al-Mufachi, AVA Dodds, ...
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