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Brit Salbu
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Characterisation of radioactive particles in the environment
B Salbu, T Krekling
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The mixing zone between limed and acidic river waters: complex aluminium chemistry and extreme toxicity for salmonids
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B Salbu, E Steinnes
(No Title), 1995
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B Salbu
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Bioaccumulation of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in fish species from Lake Koka, Ethiopia: the influence of lipid content and trophic position
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Radionuclide speciation and its relevance in environmental impact assessments
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Oxidation states of uranium in DU particles from Kosovo
B Salbu, K Janssens, OC Lind, K Proost, PR Danesi
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Increased mortality of fish due to changing Al-chemistry of mixing zones between limed streams and acidic tributaries
ABS Poléo, E Lydersen, BO Rosseland, F Kroglund, B Salbu, RD Vogt, ...
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Hot particles in accidental releases from Chernobyl and Windscale nuclear installations
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Size fractionation techniques in the determination of elements associated with particulate or colloidal materials in natural fresh waters
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Exposure to moderate acid water and aluminum reduces Atlantic salmon post-smolt survival
F Kroglund, B Finstad, SO Stefansson, TO Nilsen, T Kristensen, ...
Aquaculture 273 (2-3), 360-373, 2007
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