Yuxuan Wang
Yuxuan Wang
Associate Professor, University of Florida
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
The physics of pair-density waves: cuprate superconductors and beyond
DF Agterberg, JCS Davis, SD Edkins, E Fradkin, DJ Van Harlingen, ...
Annual Review of Condensed Matter Physics 11 (1), 231-270, 2020
Charge-density-wave order with momentum and within the spin-fermion model: Continuous and discrete symmetry breaking, preemptive composite …
Y Wang, A Chubukov
Physical Review B 90 (3), 035149, 2014
Weak-pairing higher order topological superconductors
Y Wang, M Lin, TL Hughes
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Y Wang, DF Agterberg, A Chubukov
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H Shapourian, Y Wang, S Ryu
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Superconductivity near a quantum-critical point: The special role of the first matsubara frequency
Y Wang, A Abanov, BL Altshuler, EA Yuzbashyan, AV Chubukov
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Solvable strong-coupling quantum-dot model with a non-Fermi-liquid pairing transition
Y Wang
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Interplay between pair-and charge-density-wave orders in underdoped cuprates
Y Wang, DF Agterberg, A Chubukov
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Y Wang, GY Cho, TL Hughes, E Fradkin
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Pair density waves in superconducting vortex halos
Y Wang, SD Edkins, MH Hamidian, JCS Davis, E Fradkin, SA Kivelson
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Topological surface superconductivity in doped Weyl loop materials
Y Wang, RM Nandkishore
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A Tiwari, A Jahin, Y Wang
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Quantum phase transition in the Yukawa-SYK model
Y Wang, AV Chubukov
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Topological phase transitions in multicomponent superconductors
Y Wang, L Fu
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Superconductivity at the onset of spin-density-wave order in a metal
Y Wang, AV Chubukov
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Topological and nematic superconductivity mediated by ferro-SU (4) fluctuations in twisted bilayer graphene
Y Wang, J Kang, RM Fernandes
Physical Review B 103 (2), 024506, 2021
Interplay between superconductivity and non-Fermi liquid at a quantum critical point in a metal. II. The model at a finite for
YM Wu, A Abanov, Y Wang, AV Chubukov
Physical Review B 102 (2), 024525, 2020
Special role of the first Matsubara frequency for superconductivity near a quantum critical point: Nonlinear gap equation below and spectral properties in real …
YM Wu, A Abanov, Y Wang, AV Chubukov
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Quasiparticle interference and strong electron–mode coupling in the quasi-one-dimensional bands of Sr2RuO4
Z Wang, D Walkup, P Derry, T Scaffidi, M Rak, S Vig, A Kogar, I Zeljkovic, ...
Nature Physics 13 (8), 799-805, 2017
Enhancement of superconductivity at the onset of charge-density-wave order in a metal
Y Wang, AV Chubukov
Physical Review B 92 (12), 125108, 2015
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