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Ming-Guang Hu
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Bose Polarons in the Strongly Interacting Regime
MG Hu, MJ Van de Graaff, D Kedar, JP Corson, EA Cornell, DS Jin
Physical Review Letters 117 (5), 055301, 2016
Direct observation of bimolecular reactions of ultracold KRb molecules
MG Hu*, Y Liu*, DD Grimes, YW Lin, AH Gheorghe, R Vexiau, ...
Science 366 (6469), 1111-1115, 2019
Bulk viscous cosmology: statefinder and entropy
MG Hu, XH Meng
Physics Letters B 635 (4), 186-194, 2006
Tests of universal three-body physics in an ultracold Bose-Fermi mixture
RS Bloom, MG Hu, TD Cumby, DS Jin
Physical review letters 111 (10), 105301, 2013
Photo-excitation of long-lived transient intermediates in ultracold reactions
Y Liu*, MG Hu*, MA Nichols, DD Grimes, T Karman, H Guo, KK Ni
Nature Physics 16, 1132–1136, 2020
Precision test of statistical dynamics with state-to-state ultracold chemistry
Y Liu*, MG Hu*, MA Nichols, D Yang, D Xie, H Guo, KK Ni
Nature 593, 379–384, 2021
Nuclear spin conservation enables state-to-state control of ultracold molecular reactions
MG Hu*, Y Liu*, MA Nichols, L Zhu, G Quéméner, O Dulieu, KK Ni
Nature Chemistry 13, 435–440, 2021
Feshbach-molecule formation in a Bose-Fermi mixture
TD Cumby, RA Shewmon, MG Hu, JD Perreault, DS Jin
Physical Review A 87 (1), 012703, 2013
Detection of long-lived complexes in ultracold atom-molecule collisions
MA Nichols, YX Liu, L Zhu, MG Hu, Y Liu, KK Ni
Physical Review X 12 (1), 011049, 2022
Avalanche-mechanism loss at an atom-molecule Efimov resonance
MG Hu, RS Bloom, DS Jin, JM Goldwin
Physical Review A 90 (1), 013619, 2014
Probing ultracold chemistry using ion spectrometry
Y Liu*, DD Grimes*, MG Hu*, KK Ni
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 22, 4861-4874, 2020
Observation of geometric phases for three-level systems using NMR interferometry
H Chen, M Hu, J Chen, J Du
Physical Review A 80 (5), 054101, 2009
Gisin’s theorem for two d-dimensional systems based on the Collins-Gisin-Linden-Masser-Popescu inequality
JL Chen, DL Deng, MG Hu
Physical Review A 77 (6), 060306, 2008
Geometric phase of a two-level system in a dissipative environment
K Fujikawa, MG Hu
Physical Review A 79 (5), 052107, 2009
SO (4) symmetry in the relativistic hydrogen atom
JL Chen, DL Deng, MG Hu
Physical Review A 77 (3), 034102, 2008
Exact solution of a Yang-Baxter spin-1∕ 2 chain model and quantum entanglement
MG Hu, K Xue, ML Ge
Physical Review A 78 (5), 052324, 2008
Model for nuclear spin product-state distributions of ultracold chemical reactions in magnetic fields
G Quéméner, MG Hu, Y Liu, MA Nichols, L Zhu, KK Ni
Physical Review A 104 (5), 052817, 2021
Quantum dynamical algebra SU (1, 1) in one-dimensional exactly solvable potentials
MG Hu, JL Chen
International Journal of Theoretical Physics 46 (8), 2119-2137, 2007
Proposed all-versus-nothing violation of local realism in the Kitaev spin-lattice model
MG Hu, DL Deng, JL Chen
Physical Review A 79 (1), 010301, 2009
Experimental simulation of fractional statistics of abelian anyons in the Kitaev lattice-spin model
JF Du, J Zhu, MG Hu, JL Chen
arXiv preprint arXiv:0712.2694, 2007
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