Juan Diego Martín Martín
Juan Diego Martín Martín
Senior Lecturer (University of Barcelona)
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Syn-to post-rift diapirism and minibasins of the Central High Atlas (Morocco): the changing face of a mountain belt
E Saura, J Vergés, JD Martín-Martín, G Messager, M Moragas, P Razin, ...
Journal of the Geological Society 171 (1), 97-105, 2014
Fault-controlled and stratabound dolostones in the Late Aptian–earliest Albian Benassal Formation (Maestrat Basin, E Spain): Petrology and geochemistry constrains
JD Martín-Martín, A Travé, E Gomez-Rivas, R Salas, JP Sizun, J Vergés, ...
Marine and Petroleum Geology 65, 83-102, 2015
Reactivity of dolomitizing fluids and Mg source evaluation of fault-controlled dolomitization at the Benicàssim outcrop analogue (Maestrat Basin, E Spain)
E Gomez-Rivas, M Corbella, JD Martín-Martín, SL Stafford, A Teixell, ...
Marine and Petroleum Geology 55, 26-42, 2014
Diapiric growth within an Early Jurassic rift basin: The Tazoult salt wall (central High Atlas, Morocco)
JD Martín‐Martín, J Vergés, E Saura, M Moragas, G Messager, V Baqués, ...
Tectonics, 2017
The Upper Aptian to Lower Albian syn-rift carbonate succession of the southern Maestrat Basin (Spain): Facies architecture and fault-controlled stratabound dolostones
JD Martín-Martín, E Gomez-Rivas, T Bover-Arnal, A Travé, R Salas, ...
Cretaceous Research 41, 217-236, 2013
Activation of stylolites as conduits for overpressured fluid flow in dolomitized platform carbonates
JD Martín-Martín, E Gomez-Rivas, D Gómez-Gras, A Travé, R Ameneiro, ...
Jurassic rifting to post‐rift subsidence analysis in the Central High Atlas and its relation to salt diapirism
M Moragas, J Vergés, E Saura, JD Martín‐Martín, G Messager, ...
Basin Research 30, 336-362, 2018
Salt tectonics in the Atlas mountains of Morocco
J Vergés, M Moragas, JD Martín-Martín, E Saura, E Casciello, P Razin, ...
Permo-Triassic salt provinces of Europe, North Africa and the Atlantic …, 2017
Mineralogy and firing transformations of Permo–Triassic clays used in the manufacturing of ceramic tile bodies
MM Jordán, JD Martín-Martín, T Sanfeliu, D Gómez-Gras, C De la Fuente
Applied Clay Science 44 (1-2), 173-177, 2009
Insights to controls on dolomitization by means of reactive transport models applied to the Benicàssim case study (Maestrat Basin, eastern Spain)
M Corbella, E Gomez-Rivas, JD Martín-Martín, SL Stafford, A Teixell, ...
Petroleum Geoscience 20 (1), 41-54, 2014
Lower Cretaceous (Hauterivian-Albian) ammonite biostratigraphy in the Maestrat Basin (E Spain)
R Garcia, JA Moreno-Bedmar, T Bover-Arnal, R Salas, JL Latil, ...
Journal of Iberian Geology, 2014
Stylolite-controlled diagenesis of a mudstone carbonate reservoir: A case study from the Zechstein_2_Carbonate (Central European Basin, NW Germany)
E Humphrey, E Gomez-Rivas, D Koehn, PD Bons, J Neilson, ...
Marine and Petroleum Geology 109, 88-107, 2019
The building stone of the Roman city of Dougga (Tunisia): Provenance, petrophysical characterisation and durability
K Zoghlami, JD Martín-Martín, D Gomez-Gras, A Navarro, D Parcerisa, ...
Comptes Rendus Geoscience 349 (8), 402-411, 2017
Fe and Mn in calcites cementing red beds: A record of oxidation–reduction conditions: Examples from the Catalan Coastal Ranges (NE Spain)
D Parcerisa, D Gómez-Gras, A Travé, JD Martín-Martín, E Maestro
Journal of Geochemical Exploration 89 (1-3), 318-321, 2006
The impact of syn-and post-extension prograding sedimentation on the development of salt-related rift basins and their inversion: Clues from analogue modelling
M Moragas, J Vergés, T Nalpas, E Saura, JD Martín-Martín, G Messager, ...
Marine and Petroleum Geology 88, 985-1003, 2017
Stylolites and stylolite networks as primary controls on the geometry and distribution of carbonate diagenetic alterations
E Gomez-Rivas, JD Martín-Martín, PD Bons, D Koehn, A Griera, A Travé, ...
Marine and Petroleum Geology 136, 105444, 2022
From early contraction to post-folding fluid evolution in the frontal part of the Bóixols thrust sheet (southern Pyrenees) as revealed by the texture and geochemistry of …
N Nardini, D Muñoz-López, D Cruset, I Cantarero, JD Martín-Martín, ...
Minerals 9 (2), 117, 2019
Diagenetic processes in a partially dolomitized carbonate reservoir: Casablanca oil field, Valencia Trough, offshore Spain.
N Rodríguez-Morillas, E Playà i Pous, A Travé i Herrero, JD Martín-Martín, ...
Geologica Acta, 2013, vol. 11, num. 2, p. 195-214, 2013
Diagenesis of the Amposta offshore oil reservoir (Amposta Marino C2 well, Lower Cretaceous, Valencia Trough, Spain)
E Playà, A Travé, MA Caja, R Salas, JD Martín-Martín
Geofluids 10 (3), 314-333, 2010
Migration of Mn‐rich fluids through normal faults and fine‐grained terrigenous sediments during early development of the Neogene Vallès‐Penedès half‐graben (NE Spain)
A Travé, E Roca, E Playà, D Parcerisa, D Gómez‐Gras, ...
Geofluids 9 (4), 303-320, 2009
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