Michael te Vrugt
Michael te Vrugt
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Cytowane przez
Classical dynamical density functional theory: From fundamentals to applications
M te Vrugt, H Löwen, R Wittkowski
Advances in Physics 69 (2), 121-247, 2020
Effects of social distancing and isolation on epidemic spreading modeled via dynamical density functional theory
M te Vrugt, J Bickmann, R Wittkowski
Nature Communications 11 (1), 5576, 2020
Mori-Zwanzig projection operator formalism for far-from-equilibrium systems with time-dependent Hamiltonians
M te Vrugt, R Wittkowski
Physical Review E 99 (6), 062118, 2019
Projection operators in statistical mechanics: a pedagogical approach
M te Vrugt, R Wittkowski
European Journal of Physics 41 (4), 045101, 2020
The five problems of irreversibility
M te Vrugt
Studies in History and Philosophy of Science 87, 136-146, 2021
Jerky active matter: a phase field crystal model with translational and orientational memory
M te Vrugt, J Jeggle, R Wittkowski
New Journal of Physics 23 (6), 063023, 2021
Relations between angular and Cartesian orientational expansions
M te Vrugt, R Wittkowski
AIP Advances 10 (3), 035106, 2020
Orientational order parameters for arbitrary quantum systems
M Te Vrugt, R Wittkowski
Annalen der Physik 532 (12), 2000266, 2020
The mereology of thermodynamic equilibrium
M te Vrugt
Synthese 199 (5), 12891–12921, 2021
Mori-Zwanzig formalism for general relativity: a new approach to the averaging problem
M te Vrugt, S Hossenfelder, R Wittkowski
Physical Review Letters 127 (23), 231101, 2021
Containing a pandemic: Nonpharmaceutical interventions and the" second wave"
M te Vrugt, J Bickmann, R Wittkowski
Journal of Physics Communications 5 (5), 055008, 2021
Master equations for Wigner functions with spontaneous collapse and their relation to thermodynamic irreversibility
M te Vrugt, GI Tóth, R Wittkowski
Journal of Computational Electronics 20 (6), 2209–2231, 2021
From a microscopic inertial active matter model to the Schrödinger equation
M te Vrugt, T Frohoff-Hülsmann, E Heifetz, U Thiele, R Wittkowski
arXiv preprint arXiv:2204.03018, 2022
How to distinguish between indistinguishable particles
M te Vrugt
British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, 2021
Derivation and analysis of a phase field crystal model for a mixture of active and passive particles
M te Vrugt, MP Holl, A Koch, R Wittkowski, U Thiele
arXiv preprint arXiv:2204.14053, 2022
Perspective: New directions in dynamical density functional theory
M te Vrugt, R Wittkowski
arXiv preprint arXiv:2204.11156, 2022
Is thermodynamics fundamental?
M te Vrugt, P Needham, GJ Schmitz
arXiv preprint arXiv:2204.04352, 2022
Understanding probability and irreversibility in the Mori-Zwanzig projection operator formalism
M te Vrugt
European Journal for Philosophy of Science 12, 41, 2022
Topological fine structure of smectic grain boundaries and tetratic disclination lines within three-dimensional smectic liquid crystals
PA Monderkamp, R Wittmann, M te Vrugt, A Voigt, R Wittkowski, H Löwen
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2022
Effects of social distancing and isolation modeled via dynamical density functional theory
M te Vrugt, J Bickmann, R Wittkowski
APS March Meeting Abstracts 2021, P17. 003, 2021
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