Or Meir
Or Meir
Associate Professor of Computer Science, University of Haifa
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
High-Rate Locally Correctable and Locally Testable Codes with Sub-Polynomial Query Complexity
S Kopparty, O Meir, N Ron-Zewi, S Saraf
Journal of the ACM (JACM) 64 (2), 11, 2017
Combinatorial construction of locally testable codes
O Meir
Proceedings of the fortieth annual ACM symposium on Theory of computing, 285-294, 2008
Toward better formula lower bounds: An information complexity approach to the KRW composition conjecture
D Gavinsky, O Meir, O Weinstein, A Wigderson
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Toward the KRW composition conjecture: Cubic formula lower bounds via communication complexity
I Dinur, O Meir
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IP= PSPACE using error-correcting codes
O Meir
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Query-to-Communication Lifting Using Low-Discrepancy Gadgets
A Chattopadhyay, Y Filmus, S Koroth, O Meir, T Pitassi
Constant rate PCPs for circuit-SAT with sublinear query complexity
E Ben-Sasson, Y Kaplan, S Kopparty, O Meir, H Stichtenoth
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Derandomized parallel repetition via structured PCPs
I Dinur, O Meir
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Combinatorial PCPs with efficient verifiers
O Meir
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The tensor product of two good codes is not necessarily robustly testable
O Goldreich, O Meir
Information Processing Letters 112 (8-9), 351-355, 2012
Lifting with simple gadgets and applications to circuit and proof complexity
S De Rezende, O Meir, J Nordström, T Pitassi, R Robere, M Vinyals
2020 IEEE 61st Annual Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science (FOCS), 24-30, 2020
Combinatorial PCPs with short proofs
O Meir
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KRW composition theorems via lifting
SF Rezende, O Meir, J Nordström, T Pitassi, R Robere
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Improved composition theorems for functions and relations
S Koroth, O Meir
Approximation, Randomization, and Combinatorial Optimization. Algorithms and …, 2018
Toward better depth lower bounds: Two results on the multiplexor relation
O Meir
computational complexity 29 (1), 4, 2020
Prediction from partial information and hindsight, with application to circuit lower bounds
O Meir, A Wigderson
computational complexity 28 (2), 145-183, 2019
On the rectangle method in proofs of robustness of tensor products
O Meir
Information Processing Letters 112 (6), 257-260, 2012
Nullstellensatz size-degree trade-offs from reversible pebbling
SF De Rezende, O Meir, J Nordström, R Robere
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Input-oblivious proof systems and a uniform complexity perspective on P/poly
O Goldreich, O Meir
ACM Transactions on Computation Theory (TOCT) 7 (4), 16, 2015
Shrinkage under random projections, and cubic formula lower bounds for AC0
Y Filmus, O Meir, A Tal
12th Innovations in Theoretical Computer Science Conference (ITCS 2021), 2021
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