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An attempt to dendroclimatic reconstruction of winter temperature based on multispecies tree-ring widths and extreme years chronologies (example of Upper Silesia, Southern Poland)
M Opała, MJ Mendecki
Theoretical and applied climatology 115, 73-89, 2014
An attempt to determine the seismic moment tensor of tremors induced by destress blasting in a coal seam
Ł Wojtecki, MJ Mendecki, WM Zuberek, M Knopik
International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences 83, 162-169, 2016
Relict landslide development as inferred from speleothem deformation, tectonic data, and geoelectrics
J Szczygieł, M Mendecki, H Hercman, W Wróblewski, M Glazer
Geomorphology 330, 116-128, 2019
Determination of destress blasting effectiveness using seismic source parameters
Ł Wojtecki, MJ Mendecki, WM Zuberek
Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering 50 (12), 3233-3244, 2017
Application of electrical resistivity imaging (ERI) for the assessment of peat properties: A case study of the Całowanie Fen, Central Poland
S Kowalczyk, KA Żukowska, MJ Mendecki, D Łukasiak
Acta Geophysica 65, 223-235, 2017
100 Years of earthquakes in the Pamir region as recorded in juniper wood: A case study of Tajikistan
P Owczarek, M Opała-Owczarek, O Rahmonov, M Mendecki
Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 138, 173-185, 2017
Rainwater-induced migration of potentially toxic elements from a Zn–Pb slag dump in Ruda Śląska in light of mineralogical, geochemical and geophysical investigations
R Warchulski, M Mendecki, A Gawęda, M Sołtysiak, M Gadowski
Applied Geochemistry 109, 104396, 2019
Case studies of seismic energy release ahead of underground coal mining before strong tremors
MJ Mendecki, Ł Wojtecki, WM Zuberek
Pure and Applied Geophysics 176, 3487-3508, 2019
Damaged speleothems and collapsed karst chambers indicate paleoseismicity of the NE Bohemian Massif (Niedźwiedzia Cave, Poland)
J Szczygieł, A Sobczyk, H Hercman, MJ Mendecki, M Gąsiorowski
Tectonics 40 (3), e2020TC006459, 2021
Mining-triggered seismicity governed by a fold hinge zone: The Upper Silesian Coal Basin, Poland
MJ Mendecki, J Szczygieł, G Lizurek, L Teper
Engineering geology 274, 105728, 2020
Geophysical evaluation of effectiveness of blasting for roof caving during longwall mining of coal seam
Ł Wojtecki, P Konicek, MJ Mendecki, I Gołda, WM Zuberek
Pure and Applied Geophysics 177, 905-917, 2020
Ground-motion prediction equations for induced seismicity in the main anticline and main syncline, Upper Silesian Coal Basin, Poland
A Golik, MJ Mendecki
Acta Geophysica 60, 410-425, 2012
Physical constraints on speleothem deformations caused by earthquakes, seen from a new perspective: Implications for paleoseismology
M Mendecki, J Szczygieł
Journal of Structural Geology 126, 146-155, 2019
Evaluation of destress blasting effectiveness using the seismic moment tensor inversion and seismic effect methods
Ł Wojtecki, P Konicek, MJ Mendecki, WM Zuberek
International Journal of Geomechanics 22 (4), 04022010, 2022
The influence of distant coal seam edges on seismic hazard during longwall mining
Ł Wojtecki, I Gołda, MJ Mendecki
Journal of Seismology 25 (1), 283-299, 2021
Application of seismic parameters for estimation of destress blasting effectiveness
Ł Wojtecki, P Konicek, MJ Mendecki, WM Zuberek
Procedia engineering 191, 750-760, 2017
Application of self potential method in the area contaminated with oil derivatives
B Żogała, MJ Mendecki, WM Zuberek, M Robak
Acta Geodyn Geomater 9 (2), 179-189, 2012
Geophysical and petrological studies of the former lead smelting waste dump in Sławków, Poland
MJ Mendecki, R Warchulski, M Szczuka, D Środek, J Pierwoła
Journal of Applied Geophysics 179, 104080, 2020
Determination of the resonance frequency-thickness relation based on the ambient seismic noise records from Upper Silesia Coal Basin
MJ Mendecki, B Bieta, M Mycka
Contemporary Trends in Geoscience 3 (1), 41-51, 2014
The estimation of the effectiveness of torpedo blasting based on an analysis of focal mechanisms of induced mining tremors in the Bielszowice coal mine
L Wojtecki, MJ Mendecki, A Talaga, WM Zuberek
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