Magdalena Wojnarowska
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Circular economy and industry 4.0: One-way or two-way relationships?
M Ćwiklicki, M Wojnarowska
Engineering Economics 31 (4), 387-397, 2020
How sustainable are biopolymers? Findings from a life cycle assessment of polyhydroxyalkanoate production from rapeseed-oil derivatives
T Nitkiewicz, M Wojnarowska, M Sołtysik, A Kaczmarski, T Witko, C Ingrao, ...
Science of The Total Environment 749, 141279, 2020
Impact of eco-labelling on the implementation of sustainable production and consumption
M Wojnarowska, M Sołtysik, A Prusak
Environmental Impact Assessment Review 86, 106505, 2021
What has been trending in the research of polyhydroxyalkanoates? A systematic review
M Guzik, T Witko, A Steinbüchel, M Wojnarowska, M Sołtysik, S Wawak
Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology 8, 959, 2020
Innovation for sustainable entrepreneurship: Empirical evidence from the bioeconomy sector in Poland
M Sołtysik, M Urbaniec, M Wojnarowska
Administrative sciences 9 (3), 50, 2019
Fostering sustainable entrepreneurship by business strategies: An explorative approach in the bioeconomy
M Urbaniec, M Sołtysik, A Prusak, K Kułakowski, M Wojnarowska
Business Strategy and the Environment 31 (1), 251-267, 2022
The digitalization in EMAS-registered organizations: evidences from Italy and Poland
R Canestrino, M Ćwiklicki, P Kafel, M Wojnarowska, P Magliocca
The TQM Journal 32 (4), 673-695, 2020
Robust process for high yield conversion of non-degradable polyethylene to a biodegradable plastic using a chemo-biotechnological approach
MW Guzik, T Nitkiewicz, M Wojnarowska, M Sołtysik, ST Kenny, RP Babu, ...
Waste Management 135, 60-69, 2021
Consumers' perception of suboptimal food: strategies to reduce food waste
E Varese, MC Cesarani, M Wojnarowska
British Food Journal 125 (1), 361-378, 2023
Credibility of certified environmental management systems: Results from focus group interviews
P Nowicki, M Ćwiklicki, P Kafel, M Wojnarowska
Environmental Impact Assessment Review 88, 106556, 2021
Circular economy's standardized management systems. Choosing the best practice. Evidence from Poland
P Nowicki, P Kafel, U Balon, M Wojnarowska
International Journal for Quality Research 14 (4), 1115, 2020
Multitasking effects on individual performance: an experimental eye-tracking study
M Marchewka, J Nesterak, M Sołtysik, W Szymla, M Wojnarowska
University of Piraeus. International Strategic Management Association, 2020
The influence of the methods of measuring odours nuisance on the quality of life
M Wojnarowska, A Sagan, J Plichta, G Plichta, J Szakiel, P Turek, ...
Environmental Impact Assessment Review 86, 106491, 2021
Identifying the location of odour nuisance emitters using spatial GIS analyses
M Wojnarowska, M Ilba, J Szakiel, P Turek, M Sołtysik
Chemosphere 263, 128252, 2021
Odour nuisance and urban residents' quality of life: A case study in Kraków's in Plaszow district
M Wojnarowska, G Plichta, A Sagan, J Plichta, J Stobiecka, M Sołtysik
Urban Climate 34, 100704, 2020
Impact of odor nuisance on preferred place of residence
M Wojnarowska, M Sołtysik, A Sagan, J Stobiecka, J Plichta, G Plichta
Sustainability 12 (8), 3181, 2020
Odour nuisance as a consequence of preparation for circular economy
M Wojnarowska, M Soltysik, P Turek, J Szakiel
University of Piraeus. International Strategic Management Association, 2020
Biogospodarka. Wybrane aspekty
M Pink, M Wojnarowska
Difin SA, 2020
The influence of circular economy on quality of life’
P Nowicki, P Kafel, M Wojnarowska
Proceedings on Engineering Sciences 13th International Quality Conference …, 2019
The importance of recycling in a circular economy
M Wojnarowska
Towaroznawcze Problemy Jakości, 13-24, 2018
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