Chun Hung (Joshua) Lui
Chun Hung (Joshua) Lui
Associate Professor at UC Riverside
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Measurement of the optical conductivity of graphene
KF Mak, MY Sfeir, Y Wu, CH Lui, JA Misewich, TF Heinz
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Ultraflat graphene
CH Lui, L Liu, KF Mak, GW Flynn, TF Heinz
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Observation of an electric-field-induced band gap in bilayer graphene by infrared spectroscopy
KF Mak, CH Lui, J Shan, TF Heinz
Physical review letters 102, 256405, 2009
Observation of an electrically tunable band gap in trilayer graphene
CH Lui, Z Li, KF Mak, E Cappelluti, TF Heinz
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CH Lui, KF Mak, J Shan, TF Heinz
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Imaging stacking order in few-layer graphene
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Trion-Induced Negative Photoconductivity in Monolayer MoS 2
CH Lui, AJ Frenzel, DV Pilon, YH Lee, X Ling, GM Akselrod, J Kong, ...
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Measurement of the thermal conductance of the graphene/SiO2 interface
KF Mak, CH Lui, TF Heinz
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Water-Gated Charge Doping of Graphene Induced by Mica Substrates
J Shim*, CH Lui*, TY Ko, YJ Yu, P Kim, TF Heinz, S Ryu
Nano letters 12, 648-654, 2012
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CH Lui, Z Ye, C Ji, KC Chiu, CT Chou, TI Andersen, C Means-Shively, ...
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AJ Frenzel, CH Lui, YC Shin, J Kong, N Gedik
Physical Review Letters 113, 056602, 2014
Coupling and Stacking Order of ReS2 Atomic Layers Revealed by Ultralow-Frequency Raman Spectroscopy
R He, JA Yan, Z Yin, Z Ye, G Ye, J Cheng, J Li, CH Lui
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CH Lui, TF Heinz
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EJ Sie, A Steinhoff, C Gies, CH Lui, Q Ma, M Rosner, G Schönhoff, ...
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Large, Valley-Exclusive Bloch-Siegert Shift in Monolayer WS2
EJ Sie
Coherent Light-Matter Interactions in Monolayer Transition-Metal …, 2018
Observation of suppressed terahertz absorption in photoexcited graphene
AJ Frenzel, CH Lui, W Fang, NL Nair, PK Herring, P Jarillo-Herrero, ...
Applied Physics Letters 102, 113111, 2013
Raman spectra of out-of-plane phonons in bilayer graphene
K Sato, JS Park, R Saito, C Cong, T Yu, CH Lui, TF Heinz, G Dresselhaus, ...
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Structure-Dependent Fano Resonances in the Infrared Spectra of Phonons in Few-Layer Graphene
Z Li, CH Lui, E Cappelluti, L Benfatto, KF Mak, GL Carr, J Shan, TF Heinz
Physical Review Letters 108, 156801, 2012
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