Piotr Wrobel
Piotr Wrobel
Assistant professor, Faculty of Physics University of Warsaw
Zweryfikowany adres z fuw.edu.pl
Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Optical biosensors based on plasmonic nanostructures: a review
B Špačková, P Wrobel, M Bocková, J Homola
Proceedings of the IEEE 104 (12), 2380-2408, 2016
Focusing radially polarized light by a concentrically corrugated silver film without a hole
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P Rácz, Z Pápa, I Márton, J Budai, P Wróbel, T Stefaniuk, C Prietl, ...
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Nanofocusing of radially polarized light with dielectric-metal-dielectric probe
TJ Antosiewicz, P Wróbel, T Szoplik
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Performance of scanning near-field optical microscope probes with single groove and various metal coatings
TJ Antosiewicz, P Wróbel, T Szoplik
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Ge wetting layer increases ohmic plasmon losses in Ag film due to segregation
P Wróbel, T Stefaniuk, M Trzcinski, AA Wronkowska, A Wronkowski, ...
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T Stefaniuk, P Wróbel, E Górecka, T Szoplik
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Optical Constants of Several Multilayer Transition Metal Dichalcogenides Measured by Spectroscopic Ellipsometry in the 300–1700 nm Range: High Index, Anisotropy, and Hyperbolicity
B Munkhbat, P Wróbel, TJ Antosiewicz, TO Shegai
ACS Photonics 9 (7), 2398–2407, 2022
How do 10-camphorsulfonic acid, silver or aluminum nanoparticles influence optical, electrochemical, electrochromic and photovoltaic properties of air and thermally stable …
A Iwan, B Boharewicz, I Tazbir, M Filapek, KP Korona, P Wróbel, ...
Electrochimica Acta 185, 198-210, 2015
Plasmon–plasmon coupling probed by ultrafast, strong-field photoemission with< 7 Å sensitivity
J Budai, Z Pápa, I Márton, P Wróbel, T Stefaniuk, Z Márton, P Rácz, ...
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TJ Antosiewicz, P Wróbel, T Szoplik
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Titanium Nitride as a Plasmonic Material from Near-Ultraviolet to Very-Long-Wavelength Infrared Range
J Judek, P Wróbel, P Michałowski, M Ożga, B Witkowski, A Seweryn, ...
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T Stefaniuk, A Ciesielski, P Wróbel, AA Wronkowska, A Wronkowski, ...
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Single pixel imaging at high pixel resolutions
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Optimum temperature for deposition of ultrasmooth silver nanolayers
T Stefaniuk, P Wróbel, E Górecka, T Szoplik
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Differential real-time single-pixel imaging with Fourier domain regularization: applications to VIS-IR imaging and polarization imaging
A Pastuszczak, R Stojek, P Wróbel, R Kotyński
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Development of a Novel Nanoarchitecture of the Robust Photosystem I from a Volcanic Microalga Cyanidioschyzon merolae on Single Layer Graphene for …
M Izzo, M Jacquet, T Fujiwara, E Harputlu, R Mazur, P Wróbel, T Góral, ...
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 22 (16), 8396, 2021
Smooth Al nanolayers deposition on sapphire and quartz substrates
P Wróbel, T Stefaniuk, AS Ciesielski, T Szoplik
Photonics Letters of Poland 5 (2), 42-44, 2013
Plasmonic concentrator of magnetic field of light
P Wróbel, TJ Antosiewicz, T Stefaniuk, T Szoplik
Journal of Applied Physics 112 (7), 2012
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