Marcin Sosnowski
Marcin Sosnowski
Ja Dlugosz University in Czestochowa
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Polyhedral meshing in numerical analysis of conjugate heat transfer
M Sosnowski, J Krzywanski, K Grabowska, R Gnatowska
EPJ Web of Conferences 180, 02096, 2018
Polyhedral meshing as an innovative approach to computational domain discretization of a cyclone in a fluidized bed CLC unit
M Sosnowski, J Krzywanski, R Gnatowska
E3S Web of Conferences 14, 01027, 2017
Optimization of a three-bed adsorption chiller by genetic algorithms and neural networks
J Krzywanski, K Grabowska, F Herman, P Pyrka, M Sosnowski, ...
Energy Conversion and Management 153, 313-322, 2017
Numerical simulation of two-stage combustion in SI engine with prechamber
A Jamrozik, W Tutak, A Kociszewski, M Sosnowski
Applied Mathematical Modelling 37 (5), 2961-2982, 2013
Prediction of sorption processes using the deep learning methods (long short-term memory)
D Skrobek, J Krzywanski, M Sosnowski, A Kulakowska, A Zylka, ...
Energies 13 (24), 6601, 2020
A fuzzy logic approach for the reduction of mesh-induced error in CFD analysis: A case study of an impinging jet
M Sosnowski, J Krzywanski, R Scurek
Entropy 21 (11), 1047, 2019
Implementation of deep learning methods in prediction of adsorption processes
D Skrobek, J Krzywanski, M Sosnowski, A Kulakowska, A Zylka, ...
Advances in Engineering Software 173, 103190, 2022
NOx Emissions from Regenerator of Calcium Looping Process
J Krzywanski, T Czakiert, T Shimizu, I Majchrzak-Kuceba, Y Shimazaki, ...
Energy & fuels 32 (5), 6355-6362, 2018
Gaseous emissions from advanced CLC and oxyfuel fluidized bed combustion of coal and biomass in a complex geometry facility: A comprehensive model
J Krzywanski, T Czakiert, W Nowak, T Shimizu, A Zylka, K Idziak, ...
Energy 251, 123896, 2022
The numerical comparison of heat transfer in a coated and fixed bed of an adsorption chiller
K Grabowska, M Sosnowski, J Krzywanski, K Sztekler, W Kalawa, A Zylka, ...
Journal of Thermal Science 27, 421-426, 2018
The 4th Generation of CeSFaMB in numerical simulations for CuO-based oxygen carrier in CLC system
A Zylka, J Krzywanski, T Czakiert, K Idziak, M Sosnowski, K Grabowska, ...
Fuel 255, 115776, 2019
An adaptive neuro-fuzzy model of a re-heat two-stage adsorption chiller
J Krzywanski, K Grabowska, M Sosnowski, A Zylka, K Sztekler, W Kalawa, ...
Thermal Science 23 (Suppl. 4), 1053-1063, 2019
Modeling of a re-heat two-stage adsorption chiller by AI approach
J Krzywanski, K Grabowska, M Sosnowski, A Żyłka, K Sztekler, W Kalawa, ...
MATEC Web of Conferences 240, 05014, 2018
Performance evaluation of a single-stage two-bed adsorption chiller with desalination function
K Sztekler, W Kalawa, W Nowak, Ł Mika, J Krzywański, K Grabowska, ...
Journal of Energy Resources Technology 143 (8), 082101, 2021
Evaluation of heat transfer performance of a multi-disc sorption bed dedicated for adsorption cooling technology
M Sosnowski
Energies 12 (24), 4660, 2019
Effect of Metal and Carbon Nanotube Additives on the Thermal Diffusivity of a Silica Gel-Based Adsorption Bed
A Kulakowska, A Pajdak, J Krzywanski, K Grabowska, A Zylka, ...
Energies 13 (6), 1391, 2020
CO2 Capture by Virgin Ivy Plants Growing Up on the External Covers of Houses as a Rapid Complementary Route to Achieve Global GHG Reduction Targets
J Krzywanski, WM Ashraf, T Czakiert, M Sosnowski, K Grabowska, A Zylka, ...
Energies 15 (5), 1683, 2022
CFD modelling and PIV experimental validation of flow fields in urban environments
R Gnatowska, M Sosnowski, V Uruba
E3S Web of Conferences 14, 01034, 2017
Heat transfer in adsorption chillers with fluidized beds of silica gel, zeolite, and carbon nanotubes
J Krzywanski, K Grabowska, M Sosnowski, A Zylka, A Kulakowska, ...
Heat Transfer Engineering 43 (3-5), 172-182, 2021
Numerical analysis of flow in building arrangement: Computational domain discretization
M Sosnowski, R Gnatowska, K Grabowska, J Krzywański, A Jamrozik
Applied Sciences 9 (5), 941, 2019
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