Akin Kazakci
Akin Kazakci
Associate Professor, Mines Paristech
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
The impact of type of examples on originality: Explaining fixation and stimulation effects
M Agogué, A Kazakçi, A Hatchuel, P Le Masson, B Weil, N Poirel, ...
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AO Kazakçı
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Energy crop supply in France: a min-max regret approach
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OA Kazakçi
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Data science as a new frontier for design
AO Kazakci
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B Kégl, A Boucaud, M Cherti, A Kazakci, A Gramfort, G Lemaitre, ...
Digits that are not: Generating new types through deep neural nets
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Is" Creative Subject" of Brouwer a Designer? An Analysis of Intuitionist Mathematics From the Viewpoint of CK Design Theory
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Conceptive artificial intelligence: Insights from design theory
AO Kazakçi
arXiv preprint arXiv:1404.0640, 2014
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