Wouter Caarls
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Comparison of extremum seeking control algorithms for robotic applications
B Calli, W Caarls, P Jonker, M Wisse
2012 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems …, 2012
A triple-emission fluorescent probe reveals distinctive amyloid fibrillar polymorphism of wild-type α-synuclein and its familial Parkinson’s disease mutants
MS Celej, W Caarls, AP Demchenko, TM Jovin
Biochemistry 48 (31), 7465-7472, 2009
Tumor-targeted quantum dots can help surgeons find tumor boundaries
DJ Arndt-Jovin, SR Kantelhardt, W Caarls, AHB de Vries, A Giese, ...
IEEE transactions on nanobioscience 8 (1), 65-71, 2009
Specific visualization of glioma cells in living low-grade tumor tissue
SR Kantelhardt, W Caarls, AHB de Vries, GM Hagen, TM Jovin, ...
PLoS One 5 (6), e11323, 2010
Biological applications of an LCoS-based programmable array microscope (PAM)
GM Hagen, W Caarls, M Thomas, A Hill, KA Lidke, B Rieger, C Fritsch, ...
Imaging, Manipulation, and Analysis of Biomolecules, Cells, and Tissues V …, 2007
Minimizing light exposure with the programmable array microscope
W Caarls, B Rieger, AHB De Vries, DJ Arndt‐Jovin, TM Jovin
Journal of microscopy 241 (1), 101-110, 2011
Fluorescence recovery after photobleaching and photoconversion in multiple arbitrary regions of interest using a programmable array microscope
GM Hagen, W Caarls, KA Lidke, AHB De Vries, C Fritsch, BG Barisas, ...
Microscopy research and technique 72 (6), 431-440, 2009
Architecture study for smart cameras
H Broers, W Caarls, P Jonker, R Kleihorst
Proceedings of the EOS Conference on Industrial Imaging and Machine Vision …, 2005
Distance metric approximation for state-space RRTs using supervised learning
M Bharatheesha, W Caarls, WJ Wolfslag, M Wisse
2014 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems …, 2014
Active vision via extremum seeking for robots in unstructured environments: Applications in object recognition and manipulation
B Calli, W Caarls, M Wisse, PP Jonker
IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering 15 (4), 1810-1822, 2018
Characterization of coupled ground state and excited state equilibria by fluorescence spectral deconvolution
W Caarls, M Soledad Celej, AP Demchenko, TM Jovin
Journal of fluorescence 20, 181-190, 2010
Model-plant mismatch compensation using reinforcement learning
I Koryakovskiy, M Kudruss, H Vallery, R Babuška, W Caarls
IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 3 (3), 2471-2477, 2018
Benchmarking model-free and model-based optimal control
I Koryakovskiy, M Kudruss, R Babuška, W Caarls, C Kirches, K Mombaur, ...
Robotics and Autonomous Systems 92, 81-90, 2017
Parallel online temporal difference learning for motor control
W Caarls, E Schuitema
IEEE transactions on neural networks and learning systems 27 (7), 1457-1468, 2015
SmartCam: Devices for embedded intelligent cameras
W Caarls, PP Jonker, H Corporaal
Proceedings of the 3rd PROGRESS Workshop on Embedded Systems, 1-4, 2002
Algorithmic skeletons for stream programming in embedded heterogeneous parallel image processing applications
W Caarls, PP Jonker, H Corporaal
Proceedings 20th IEEE International Parallel & Distributed Processing …, 2006
Design and development of an autonomous mobile robot for inspection of soy and cotton crops
WS Barbosa, AIS Oliveira, GBP Barbosa, AC Leite, KT Figueiredo, ...
2019 12th International Conference on Developments in eSystems Engineering …, 2019
Parameters tuning and optimization for reinforcement learning algorithms using evolutionary computing
FC Fernandez, W Caarls
2018 International Conference on Information Systems and Computer Science …, 2018
Weightless neural networks as memory segmented bloom filters
L Santiago, L Verona, F Rangel, F Firmino, DS Menasché, W Caarls, ...
Neurocomputing 416, 292-304, 2020
Multi-cue hand detection and tracking for a head-mounted augmented reality system
O Akman, R Poelman, W Caarls, P Jonker
Machine vision and applications 24, 931-946, 2013
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