Jamil Lambert
Jamil Lambert
Retraining as a Software Engineer
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Cytowane przez
In vivo dosimeters for HDR brachytherapy: A comparison of a diamond detector, MOSFET, TLD, and scintillation detector
J Lambert, T Nakano, S Law, J Elsey, DR McKenzie, N Suchowerska
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J Lambert, DR McKenzie, S Law, J Elsey, N Suchowerska
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Intrafractional motion during proton beam scanning
J Lambert, N Suchowerska, DR McKenzie, M Jackson
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J Lambert, Y Yin, DR McKenzie, S Law, N Suchowerska
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Plastic scintillation dosimetry: comparison of three solutions for the Cerenkov challenge
PZY Liu, N Suchowerska, J Lambert, P Abolfathi, DR McKenzie
Physics in Medicine & Biology 56 (18), 5805, 2011
A prototype scintillation dosimeter customized for small and dynamic megavoltage radiation fields
J Lambert, Y Yin, DR McKenzie, SH Law, A Ralston, N Suchowerska
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N Suchowerska, M Jackson, J Lambert, YB Yin, G Hruby, DR McKenzie
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Dose mapping of the rectal wall during brachytherapy with an array of scintillation dosimeters
LE Cartwright, N Suchowerska, Y Yin, J Lambert, M Haque, DR McKenzie
Medical Physics 37 (5), 2247-2255, 2010
Evaluation of detectors for acquisition of pristine depth‐dose curves in pencil beam scanning
C Bäumer, B Koska, J Lambert, B Timmermann, T Mertens, PT Talla
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N Suchowerska, J Lambert, T Nakano, S Law, J Elsey, DR McKenzie
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Cerenkov light spectrum in an optical fiber exposed to a photon or electron radiation therapy beam
J Lambert, Y Yin, DR McKenzie, S Law, N Suchowerska
Applied optics 48 (18), 3362-3367, 2009
Proton therapy for craniopharyngioma—an early report from a single European Centre
T Ajithkumar, AL Mazhari, M Stickan-Verfürth, PH Kramer, CS Fuentes, ...
Clinical Oncology 30 (5), 307-316, 2018
Fibre optic dosimeter
S Fleming, J Elsey, S Law, N Suchowerska, J Lambert, DR McKenzie
US Patent 7,663,123, 2010
Optimal coupling of light from a cylindrical scintillator into an optical fiber
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Relating linear energy transfer to the formation and resolution of DNA repair foci after irradiation with equal doses of X-ray photons, plateau, or Bragg-peak protons
S Oeck, K Szymonowicz, G Wiel, A Krysztofiak, J Lambert, B Koska, ...
International journal of molecular sciences 19 (12), 3779, 2018
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C Bäumer, D Geismar, B Koska, PH Kramer, J Lambert, M Lemke, ...
Physica Medica 43, 15-24, 2017
Daily QA in proton therapy using a single commercially available detector
J Lambert, C Bäumer, B Koska, X Ding
Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics 15 (6), 217-228, 2014
Explicit estimation of out-of-field neutron and gamma dose equivalents during proton therapy using thermoluminescence-dosimeters
B Mukherjee, J Lambert, R Hentschel, J Farr
Radiation measurements 46 (12), 1952-1955, 2011
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Physics in Medicine & Biology 54 (7), 2217, 2009
The Jackson report on behalf of the steering committee: Informing the national long-term tourism strategy
M Jackson, C Brown, G Hywood, K Collins, K Jacobs, S Eslake, J Kennett, ...
Canberra: Commonwealth of Australia, 2009
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