Suvranta K. Tripathy
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Mechanical stochastic tug-of-war models cannot explain bidirectional lipid-droplet transport
A Kunwar, SK Tripathy, J Xu, MK Mattson, P Anand, R Sigua, M Vershinin, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (47), 18960-18965, 2011
Microtubule detyrosination guides chromosomes during mitosis
M Barisic, R Silva e Sousa, SK Tripathy, MM Magiera, AV Zaytsev, ...
Science 348 (6236), 799-803, 2015
Calibration of optical tweezers for in vivo force measurements: how do different approaches compare?
Y Jun, SK Tripathy, BRJ Narayanareddy, MK Mattson-Hoss, SP Gross
Biophysical journal 107 (6), 1474-1484, 2014
Autoregulatory mechanism for dynactin control of processive and diffusive dynein transport
SK Tripathy, SJ Weil, C Chen, P Anand, RB Vallee, SP Gross
Nature cell biology 16 (12), 1192-1201, 2014
Casein kinase 2 reverses tail-independent inactivation of kinesin-1
J Xu, BJN Reddy, P Anand, Z Shu, S Cermelli, MK Mattson, SK Tripathy, ...
Nature communications 3 (1), 1-12, 2012
Stokes and anti-Stokes resonant Raman scatterings from biased GaN/AlN heterostructure
G Xu, SK Tripathy, X Mu, YJ Ding, K Wang, Y Cao, D Jena, JB Khurgin
Applied Physics Letters 93 (5), 051912, 2008
Evidence of hot electrons generated from an high electron mobility transistor
SK Tripathy, G Xu, X Mu, YJ Ding, K Wang, Y Cao, D Jena, JB Khurgin
Applied Physics Letters 92 (1), 013513, 2008
Phonon-assisted ultraviolet anti-Stokes photoluminescence from GaN film grown on Si (111) substrate
SK Tripathy, G Xu, X Mu, YJ Ding, M Jamil, RA Arif, N Tansu, JB Khurgin
Applied Physics Letters 93 (20), 201107, 2008
Phase coherent photorefractivity in ZnSe single quantum wells
HP Wagner, S Tripathy, HP Tranitz, W Langbein
Physical review letters 94 (14), 147402, 2005
Heterogeneity in kinesin function
BJN Reddy, S Tripathy, M Vershinin, ME Tanenbaum, J Xu, ...
Traffic 18 (10), 658-671, 2017
Anti-Stokes photoluminescence from n-type free-standing GaN at room temperature based on competition between phonon-assisted and two-photon absorption
SK Tripathy, YJ Ding, JB Khurgin
Semiconductor science and technology 24 (5), 055010, 2009
Spectral and thermal dependence of phase coherent photorefractivity in ZnSe quantum wells
HP Wagner, S Tripathy, P Bajracharya, HP Tranitz
Physical Review B 73 (8), 085318, 2006
Investigation of hot electrons and hot phonons generated within an AlN/GaN high electron mobility transistor
G Xu, SK Tripathy, X Mu, YJ Ding, K Wang, Y Cao, D Jena, JB Khurgin
Laser physics 19 (4), 745-751, 2009
Dephasing of coherences between σ+ and σ− exciton states in a ZnSe single quantum well
HP Wagner, S Tripathy
Physical Review B 69 (12), 125325, 2004
Isolation and purification of kinesin from Drosophila embryos
R Sigua, S Tripathy, P Anand, SP Gross
JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments), e3501, 2012
Ultrafast Force-Clamp Spectroscopy Reveals “Sliding” Catch-Bond Behavior of the Microtubule-Binding NdC80 Protein
VM Demidov, SK Tripathy, FI Ataullakhanov, EL Grishchuk
Biophysical Journal 114 (3), 382a, 2018
Coherent exciton-LO-phonon polarons in ZnSe quantum wells with strong confinement
S Tripathy, HP Wagner, A Ueta, D Hommel
Physical Review B 75 (24), 245316, 2007
Time traces of individual kinesin motors suggest functional heterogeneity
BJN Reddy, S Tripathy, J Xu, M Mattson, K Arabi, M Vershinin, S Gross, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1508.01670, 2015
Dephasing of excitons and phase coherent photorefractivity in ZnSe quantum wells
SK Tripathy
University of Cincinnati, 2006
The sodium proton exchanger NHE9 regulates phagosome maturation and bactericidal activity in macrophages
HS Shamroukh, N Lone, M Akhtar, A Altayib, S Sutliff, Z Kassem, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry, 102150, 2022
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