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The gamification of advertising: analysis and research directions of in-game advertising, advergames, and advertising in social network games
R Terlutter, ML Capella
Journal of advertising 42 (2-3), 95-112, 2013
Gender differences in searching for health information on the internet and the virtual patient-physician relationship in Germany: exploratory results on how men and women …
S Bidmon, R Terlutter
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Verhaltenswissenschaftliche Aspekte der Kundenbindung
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K Chan, L Li, S Diehl, R Terlutter
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International journal of qualitative studies on health and well-being 10 (1 …, 2015
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MKJ Waiguny, MR Nelson, R Terlutter
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A Ettinger, S Grabner-Kräuter, R Terlutter
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The same video game in 2D, 3D or virtual reality–How does technology impact game evaluation and brand placements?
J Roettl, R Terlutter
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The GLOBE study—applicability of a new typology of cultural dimensions for cross-cultural marketing and advertising research
R Terlutter, S Diehl, B Mueller
International advertising and communication: current insights and empirical …, 2006
Women satisfaction with cosmetic brands: The role of dissatisfaction and hedonic brand benefits
V Apaolaza-Ibáñez, P Hartmann, S Diehl, R Terlutter
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Consumer responses towards non-prescription and prescription drug advertising in the US and Germany: They don’t really like it, but they do believe it
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Verhaltenswissenschaftliche Aspekte der Kundenbindung
A Gröppel-Klein, J Königstorfer, R Terlutter
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Is my company really doing good? Factors influencing employees' evaluation of the authenticity of their company's corporate social responsibility engagement
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Your personal motivator is with you: a systematic review of mobile phone applications aiming at increasing physical activity
M Hosseinpour, R Terlutter
Sports Medicine 49, 1425-1447, 2019
What explains usage of mobile physician-rating apps? Results from a web-based questionnaire
S Bidmon, R Terlutter, J Röttl
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