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Cecilia Aguerrebere
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Cytowane przez
Atomic resolution cryo-EM structure of β-galactosidase
A Bartesaghi, C Aguerrebere, V Falconieri, S Banerjee, LA Earl, X Zhu, ...
Structure 26 (6), 848-856. e3, 2018
Fundamental limits in multi-image alignment
C Aguerrebere, M Delbracio, A Bartesaghi, G Sapiro
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 64 (21), 5707-5722, 2016
Best algorithms for HDR image generation. A study of performance bounds
C Aguerrebere, J Delon, Y Gousseau, P Musé
SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences 7 (1), 1-34, 2014
Single shot high dynamic range imaging using piecewise linear estimators
C Aguerrebere, A Almansa, Y Gousseau, J Delon, P Muse
2014 IEEE International Conference on Computational Photography (ICCP), 1-10, 2014
Study of the digital camera acquisition process and statistical modeling of the sensor raw data
C Aguerrebere, J Delon, Y Gousseau, P Musé
A bayesian hyperprior approach for joint image denoising and interpolation, with an application to hdr imaging
C Aguerrebere, A Almansa, J Delon, Y Gousseau, P Musé
IEEE Transactions on Computational Imaging 3 (4), 633-646, 2017
Practical high dynamic range imaging of everyday scenes: Photographing the world as we see it with our own eyes
P Sen, C Aguerrebere
IEEE Signal Processing Magazine 33 (5), 36-44, 2016
Exemplar-based texture synthesis: the Efros-Leung algorithm
C Aguerrebere, Y Gousseau, G Tartavel
Image Processing On Line 2013, 223-241, 2013
Simultaneous HDR image reconstruction and denoising for dynamic scenes
C Aguerrebere, J Delon, Y Gousseau, P Muse
IEEE International Conference on Computational Photography (ICCP), 1-11, 2013
Building capacity for learning analytics in Latin America
C Cobo, C Aguerrebere
INCludE uS All! dIRECtIONS fOR AdOPtION Of lEARNINg ANAlYtICS IN thE glObAl …, 2017
Exploring feedback interactions in online learning environments for secondary education
C Aguerrebere, SG Cabeza, G Kaplan, C Marconi, C Cobo, M Bulger
Proc. of Latin Amer. Workshop on Learn. Analytics, 128-137, 2018
Probabilistic fluorescence-based synapse detection
AK Simhal, C Aguerrebere, F Collman, JT Vogelstein, KD Micheva, ...
PLoS computational biology 13 (4), e1005493, 2017
Aguara: An improved face recognition algorithm through gabor filter adaptation
C Aguerrebere, G Capdehourat, M Delbracio, M Mateu, A Fernández, ...
2007 IEEE Workshop on Automatic Identification Advanced Technologies, 74-79, 2007
Simultaneous high dynamic range and superresolution imaging without regularization
Y Traonmilin, C Aguerrebere
SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences 7 (3), 1624-1644, 2014
Strategies for data and learning analytics informed national education policies: the case of Uruguay
C Aguerrebere, C Cobo, M Gomez, M Mateu
Proceedings of the seventh international learning analytics & knowledge …, 2017
A-contrario localization of epileptogenic zones in SPECT images
C Aguerrebere, P Sprechmann, P Musé, R Ferrando
2009 IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging: From Nano to Macro …, 2009
Do Learners Know What's Good for Them? Crowdsourcing Subjective Ratings of OERs to Predict Learning Gains.
J Whitehill, C Aguerrebere, B Hylak
International Educational Data Mining Society, 2019
Similarity search in the blink of an eye with compressed indices
C Aguerrebere, I Bhati, M Hildebrand, M Tepper, T Willke
arXiv preprint arXiv:2304.04759, 2023
Scaling learning analytics up to the national level: The experience from estonia and uruguay
A Ruiz-Calleja, S Garcıa, K Tammets, C Aguerrebere, T Ley
Proc. CEUR, 1-10, 2019
A Practical Guide to Multi-Image Alignment
C Aguerrebere, M Delbracio, A Bartesaghi, G Sapiro
2018 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal …, 2018
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