Sina Ghaemi
Sina Ghaemi
Professor, Mechanical Engineering, University of Alberta
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Cytowane przez
Cytowane przez
Measurement of the body force field of plasma actuators
M Kotsonis, S Ghaemi, L Veldhuis, F Scarano
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 44 (4), 045204, 2011
On the use of helium-filled soap bubbles for large-scale tomographic PIV in wind tunnel experiments
F Scarano, S Ghaemi, GCA Caridi, J Bosbach, U Dierksheide, ...
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PIV-based pressure fluctuations in the turbulent boundary layer
S Ghaemi, D Ragni, F Scarano
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Performance improvement of plasma actuators using asymmetric high voltage waveforms
M Kotsonis, S Ghaemi
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Rapid mussel-inspired surface zwitteration for enhanced antifouling and antibacterial properties
AB Asha, Y Chen, H Zhang, S Ghaemi, K Ishihara, Y Liu, R Narain
Langmuir 35 (5), 1621-1630, 2018
Counter-hairpin vortices in the turbulent wake of a sharp trailing edge
S Ghaemi, F Scarano
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Forcing mechanisms of dielectric barrier discharge plasma actuators at carrier frequency of 625 Hz
M Kotsonis, S Ghaemi
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Turbulent flow over wetted and non-wetted superhydrophobic counterparts with random structure
B Vajdi Hokmabad, S Ghaemi
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Turbulent structure of high-amplitude pressure peaks within the turbulent boundary layer
S Ghaemi, F Scarano
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Multi-pass light amplification for tomographic particle image velocimetry applications
S Ghaemi, F Scarano
Measurement science and technology 21 (12), 127002, 2010
Investigation of particle-laden turbulent pipe flow at high-Reynolds-number using particle image/tracking velocimetry (PIV/PTV)
R Shokri, S Ghaemi, DS Nobes, RS Sanders
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Effect of flow and particle-plastron collision on the longevity of superhydrophobicity
BV Hokmabad, S Ghaemi
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Control of vortex shedding from a blunt trailing edge using plasma actuators
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WA Rowin, J Hou, S Ghaemi
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Inner and outer layer turbulence over a superhydrophobic surface with low roughness level at low Reynolds number
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Plastron morphology and drag of a superhydrophobic surface in turbulent regime
D Reholon, S Ghaemi
Physical Review Fluids 3 (10), 104003, 2018
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