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Eutrophication influence on phytoplankton community composition in three bays on the eastern Adriatic coast
M Buľančić, ®N Gladan, I Marasović, G Kuąpilić, B Grbec
Oceanologia 58 (4), 302-316, 2016
The response of phytoplankton community to anthropogenic pressure gradient in the coastal waters of the eastern Adriatic Sea
® Ninčević-Gladan, M Buľančić, G Kuąpilić, B Grbec, S Matijević, S Skejić, ...
Ecological Indicators 56, 106-115, 2015
Cartography of littoral rocky-shore communities (CARLIT) as a tool for ecological quality assessment of coastal waters in the Eastern Adriatic Sea
V Nikolić, A ®uljević, L Mangialajo, B Antolić, G Kuąpilić, E Ballesteros
Ecological indicators 34, 87-93, 2013
Changes in the Adriatic oceanographic properties induced by the Eastern Mediterranean Transient
I Vilibić, S Matijević, J ©epić, G Kuąpilić
Biogeosciences 9 (6), 2085-2097, 2012
Impact of fish farming on the distribution of phosphorus in sediments in the middle Adriatic area
S Matijević, G Kuąpilić, Z Kljaković-Gaąpić, D Bogner
Marine pollution bulletin 56 (3), 535-548, 2008
Seasonal variability in Dinophysis spp. abundances and diarrhetic shellfish poisoning outbreaks along the eastern Adriatic coast
® Ninčević-Gladan, S Skejić, M Buľančić, I Marasović, J Arapov, I Ujević, ...
Walter de Gruyter 51 (6), 449-463, 2008
Long-term changes of basic biological and chemical parameters at two stations in the middle Adriatic
I Marasović, ® Ninčević, G Kuąpilić, S Marinović, S Marinov
Journal of Sea Research 54 (1), 3-14, 2005
Development of the red tide in the Kaątela Bay (Adriatic Sea)
I Marasović, M Gačić, V Kovačević, N Krstulović, G Kuąpilić, ...
Marine chemistry 32 (2-4), 375-387, 1991
A MSFD complementary approach for the assessment of pressures, knowledge and data gaps in Southern European Seas: The PERSEUS experience
A Crise, H Kaberi, J Ruiz, A Zatsepin, E Arashkevich, M Giani, ...
Marine pollution bulletin 95 (1), 28-39, 2015
Changes in microbial food web structure in response to changed environmental trophic status: A case study of the Vranjic Basin (Adriatic Sea)
M ©olić, N Krstulović, G Kuąpilić, ®N Gladan, N Bojanić, S ©estanović, ...
Marine environmental research 70 (2), 239-249, 2010
Inter-decadal variability in phytoplankton community in the Middle Adriatic (Kaątela Bay) in relation to the North Atlantic Oscillation
® Ninčević Gladan, I Marasović, B Grbec, S Skejić, M Buľančić, G Kuąpilić, ...
Estuaries and coasts 33, 376-383, 2010
Annual variability and trophic relations of the mesozooplankton community in the eutrophicated coastal area (Vranjic Basin, eastern Adriatic Sea)
O Vidjak, N Bojanić, G Kuąpilić, I Marasović, ®N Gladan, I Brautović
Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom 86 (1), 19-26, 2006
Phytoplankton size structure and species composition as an indicator of trophic status in transitional ecosystems: the case study of a Mediterranean fjord-like karstic bay
S Bosak, T ©ilović, Z Ljubeąić, G Kuąpilić, B Pestorić, S Krivokapić, ...
Oceanologia 54 (2), 255-286, 2012
Variability in the bottom-up and top-down controls of bacteria on trophic and temporal scales in the middle Adriatic Sea
M ©olić, N Krstulović, I Vilibić, N Bojanić, G Kuąpilić, S ©estanović, ...
Aquatic microbial ecology 58 (1), 15-29, 2009
The relationship between the atmospheric variability and productivity in the Adriatic Sea area
B Grbec, M Morović, GB Paklar, G Kuąpilić, S Matijević, F Matić, ...
Journal of the Marine Biological association of the United Kingdom 89 (8 …, 2009
Mass mortality event in a small saline lake (Lake Rogoznica) caused by unusual holomictic conditions
A Baric, B Grbec, G Kuspilic, I Marasovic, Z Nincevic, I Grubelic
Scientia marina 67 (2), 129-141, 2003
Community structure and seasonal dynamics of tintinnid ciliates in Kaątela Bay (middle Adriatic Sea)
N Bojanić, O Vidjak, M ©olić, N Krstulović, I Brautović, S Matijević, ...
Journal of plankton research 34 (6), 510-530, 2012
Zooplankton community and hydrographical properties of the Neretva Channel (eastern Adriatic Sea)
O Vidjak, N Bojanić, G Kuąpilić, ® Ninčević Gladan, V Tičina
Helgoland Marine Research 61, 267-282, 2007
Dynamics of prokaryotic picoplankton community in the central and southern Adriatic Sea (Croatia)
D ©antić, N Krstulović, M ©olić, M Ordulj, G Kuąpilić
Helgoland marine research 67, 471-481, 2013
Effects of cage fish farming on phytoplankton community structure, biomass and primary production in an aquaculture area in the middle Adriatic Sea
S Skejić, I Marasović, O Vidjak, G Kuąpilić, ® Ninčević Gladan, ...
Aquaculture research 42 (9), 1393-1405, 2011
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