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Iulian Pana
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Cytowane przez
A biodegradable AZ91 magnesium alloy coated with a thin nanostructured hydroxyapatite for improving the corrosion resistance
TM Mukhametkaliyev, MA Surmeneva, A Vladescu, CM Cotrut, M Braic, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: C 75, 95-103, 2017
Influence of the electrolyte’s pH on the properties of electrochemically deposited hydroxyapatite coating on additively manufactured Ti64 alloy
A Vladescu, DM Vranceanu, S Kulesza, AN Ivanov, M Bramowicz, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 16819, 2017
In Vitro Biocompatibility of Si Alloyed Multi-Principal Element Carbide Coatings
A Vladescu, I Titorencu, Y Dekhtyar, V Jinga, V Pruna, M Balaceanu, ...
PLoS one 11 (8), e0161151, 2016
Sputtered Si and Mg doped hydroxyapatite for biomedical applications
A Vladescu, CM Cotrut, FA Azem, M Bramowicz, I Pana, V Braic, I Birlik, ...
Biomedical Materials 13 (2), 025011, 2018
Influence of Ag content on the antibacterial properties of SiC doped hydroxyapatite coatings
M Badea, M Braic, A Kiss, M Moga, E Pozna, I Pana, A Vladescu
Ceramics International 42 (1), 1801-1811, 2016
Effects of substrate temperature and carbon content on the structure and properties of (CrCuNbTiY) C multicomponent coatings
V Braic, AC Parau, I Pana, M Braic, M Balaceanu
Surface and Coatings Technology 258, 996-1005, 2014
Evaluation of Ag containing hydroxyapatite coatings to the Candida albicans infection
S Ciuca, M Badea, E Pozna, I Pana, A Kiss, L Floroian, A Semenescu, ...
Journal of microbiological methods 125, 12-18, 2016
In vitro corrosion of titanium nitride and oxynitride-based biocompatible coatings deposited on stainless steel
I Pana, V Braic, M Dinu, ESM Mouele, AC Parau, LF Petrik, M Braic
Coatings 10 (8), 710, 2020
Design, fabrication and characterization of TiO2-SiO2 multilayer with tailored color glazing for thermal solar collectors
I Pana, C Vitelaru, A Kiss, NC Zoita, M Dinu, M Braic
Materials & Design 130, 275-284, 2017
In vitro activity assays of sputtered HAp coatings with SiC addition in various simulated biological fluids
A Vlădescu, A Pârâu, I Pană, CM Cotruț, LR Constantin, V Braic, ...
Coatings 9 (6), 389, 2019
Influence of Ti, Zr or Nb carbide adhesion layers on the adhesion, corrosion resistance and cell proliferation of titania doped hydroxyapatite to the Ti6Al4V alloy substrate …
A Vladescu, V Pruna, S Kulesza, V Braic, I Titorencu, M Bramowicz, ...
Ceramics International 45 (2), 1710-1723, 2019
HiPIMS deposition of silicon nitride for solar cell application
V Tiron, IL Velicu, I Pana, D Cristea, BG Rusu, P Dinca, C Porosnicu, ...
Surface and Coatings Technology 344, 197-203, 2018
Biodegradable ceramics consisting of hydroxyapatite for orthopaedic implants
TK Monsees, F Ak Azem, CM Cotrut, M Braic, R Abdulgader, I Pana, ...
Coatings 7 (11), 184, 2017
Zn based hydroxyapatite based coatings deposited on a novel FeMoTaTiZr high entropy alloy used for bone implants
MM Codescu, A Vladescu, V Geanta, I Voiculescu, I Pana, M Dinu, ...
Surfaces and Interfaces 28, 101591, 2022
Mechanical, in vitro corrosion resistance and biological compatibility of cast and annealed Ti25Nb10Zr alloy
CM Cotrut, AC Parau, AI Gherghilescu, I Titorencu, I Pana, DV Cojocaru, ...
Metals 7 (3), 86, 2017
Influence of PEDOT: PSS layer on the performances of" bulk-heterojunction" photovoltaic cells based on MEH-PPV: PCBM (1: 4) polymeric blends
S Iftimie, A Radu, M Radu, C Besleaga, I Pana, S Craciun, M Girtan, L Ion, ...
Digest Journal of Nanomaterials and Biostructures 6 (4), 1631-1638, 2011
Improvement of CoCr alloy characteristics by Ti-based carbonitride coatings used in orthopedic applications
M Dinu, I Pana, P Scripca, IG Sandu, C Vitelaru, A Vladescu
Coatings 10 (5), 495, 2020
Corrosion improvement of 304L stainless steel by ZrSiN and ZrSi (N, O) mono-and double-layers prepared by reactive cathodic arc evaporation
M Dinu, AC Parau, A Vladescu, AE Kiss, I Pana, ESM Mouele, LF Petrik, ...
Coatings 11 (10), 1257, 2021
In vitro cytotoxicity, corrosion and antibacterial efficiencies of Zn doped hydroxyapatite coated Ti based implant materials
S Buyuksungur, PY Huri, J Schmidt, I Pana, M Dinu, C Vitelaru, AE Kiss, ...
Ceramics International 49 (8), 12570-12584, 2023
Synthesis and Investigation of Antibacterial Activity of Thin Films Based on TiO2-Ag and SiO2-Ag with Potential Applications in Medical Environment
CȘ Adochițe, C Vițelaru, AC Parau, AE Kiss, I Pană, A Vlădescu, ...
Nanomaterials 12 (6), 902, 2022
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