Samanta Piano
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Critical Current Oscillations in Strong Ferromagnetic Junctions
JWA Robinson, S Piano, G Burnell, C Bell, MG Blamire
Physical review letters 97 (17), 177003, 2006
Review of defects in lattice structures manufactured by powder bed fusion
I Echeta, X Feng, B Dutton, R Leach, S Piano
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 106, 2649-2668, 2020
Zero to transition in superconductor-ferromagnet-superconductor junctions
JWA Robinson, S Piano, G Burnell, C Bell, MG Blamire
Physical Review B 76 (9), 094522, 2007
Multiwalled carbon nanotube films as small-sized temperature sensors
A Di Bartolomeo, M Sarno, F Giubileo, C Altavilla, L Iemmo, S Piano, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 105 (6), 2009
Towards superresolution surface metrology: quantum estimation of angular and axial separations
C Napoli, S Piano, R Leach, G Adesso, T Tufarelli
Physical review letters 122 (14), 140505, 2019
Verification of micro-scale photogrammetry for smooth three-dimensional object measurement
D Sims-Waterhouse, S Piano, R Leach
Measurement Science and Technology 28 (5), 055010, 2017
Measurement of complex freeform additively manufactured parts by structured light and photogrammetry
S Catalucci, N Senin, D Sims-Waterhouse, S Ziegelmeier, S Piano, ...
Measurement 164, 108081, 2020
Uncertainty model for a traceable stereo-photogrammetry system
D Sims-Waterhouse, M Isa, S Piano, R Leach
Precision Engineering 63, 1-9, 2020
General expressions for the quantum Fisher information matrix with applications to discrete quantum imaging
LJ Fiderer, T Tufarelli, S Piano, G Adesso
PRX Quantum 2 (2), 020308, 2021
0-π oscillations in nanostructured Nb/Fe/Nb Josephson junctions
S Piano, JWA Robinson, G Burnell, MG Blamire
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Optical metrology for digital manufacturing: a review
S Catalucci, A Thompson, S Piano, DT Branson III, R Leach
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 120 (7), 4271 …, 2022
Spin polarization of (Ga, Mn) As measured by Andreev spectroscopy: the role of spin-active scattering
S Piano, R Grein, CJ Mellor, K Výborný, R Campion, M Wang, M Eschrig, ...
Physical Review B 83 (8), 081305, 2011
Theory of genuine tripartite nonlocality of Gaussian states
G Adesso, S Piano
Physical Review Letters 112 (1), 010401, 2014
Andreev reflection in ferrimagnetic CoFe_ {2} O_ {4} spin filters
F Rigato, S Piano, M Foerster, F Giubileo, AM Cucolo, J Fontcuberta
Physical Review B 81 (17), 174415, 2010
Experimental comparison of photogrammetry for additive manufactured parts with and without laser speckle projection
D Sims-Waterhouse, P Bointon, S Piano, RK Leach
Optical Measurement Systems for Industrial Inspection X 10329, 220-226, 2017
Subharmonic gap structures and Josephson effect in Mg B 2∕ Nb microconstrictions
F Giubileo, M Aprili, F Bobba, S Piano, A Scarfato, AM Cucolo
Physical Review B 72 (17), 174518, 2005
Volumetric error modelling of a stereo vision system for error correction in photogrammetric three-dimensional coordinate metrology
MA Isa, D Sims-Waterhouse, S Piano, R Leach
Precision Engineering 64, 188-199, 2020
Finite element modelling of defects in additively manufactured strut-based lattice structures
I Echeta, B Dutton, RK Leach, S Piano
Additive Manufacturing 47, 102301, 2021
Smart photogrammetry for three-dimensional shape measurement
J Eastwood, H Zhang, M Isa, D Sims-Waterhouse, R Leach, S Piano
Optics and Photonics for Advanced Dimensional Metrology 11352, 43-52, 2020
Pairing state in the ruthenocuprate superconductor RuSr_ {2} GdCu_ {2} O_ {8}: A point-contact Andreev reflection spectroscopy study
S Piano, F Bobba, F Giubileo, AM Cucolo, M Gombos, A Vecchione
Physical Review B 73 (6), 064514, 2006
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