Guido Hugo Jajamovich
Guido Hugo Jajamovich
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Cytowane przez
Variations of dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging in evaluation of breast cancer therapy response: a multicenter data analysis challenge
W Huang, X Li, Y Chen, X Li, MC Chang, MJ Oborski, DI Malyarenko, ...
Translational oncology 7 (1), 153-166, 2014
Joint detection and estimation: Optimum tests and applications
G Moustakides, G Jajamovich, A Tajer, X Wang
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Abdominal 4D flow MR imaging in a breath hold: combination of spiral sampling and dynamic compressed sensing for highly accelerated acquisition
H Dyvorne, A Knight-Greenfield, G Jajamovich, C Besa, Y Cui, A Stalder, ...
Radiology 275 (1), 245-254, 2015
Intravoxel incoherent motion diffusion imaging of the liver: optimal b-value subsampling and impact on parameter precision and reproducibility
H Dyvorne, G Jajamovich, S Kakite, B Kuehn, B Taouli
European journal of radiology 83 (12), 2109-2113, 2014
Optimal joint target detection and parameter estimation by MIMO radar
A Tajer, GH Jajamovich, X Wang, GV Moustakides
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DCE‐MRI of the liver: effect of linear and nonlinear conversions on hepatic perfusion quantification and reproducibility
S Aronhime, C Calcagno, GH Jajamovich, HA Dyvorne, P Robson, ...
Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 40 (1), 90-98, 2014
The impact of arterial input function determination variations on prostate dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging pharmacokinetic modeling: a multicenter data …
W Huang, Y Chen, A Fedorov, X Li, GH Jajamovich, DI Malyarenko, ...
Tomography 2 (1), 56-66, 2016
Quantitative liver MRI combining phase contrast imaging, elastography, and DWI: assessment of reproducibility and postprandial effect at 3.0 T
GH Jajamovich, H Dyvorne, C Donnerhack, B Taouli
PloS one 9 (5), e97355, 2014
Demonstration of nonlinearity bias in the measurement of the apparent diffusion coefficient in multicenter trials
DI Malyarenko, D Newitt, L J. Wilmes, A Tudorica, KG Helmer, ...
Magnetic resonance in medicine 75 (3), 1312-1323, 2016
Prospective comparison of magnetic resonance imaging to transient elastography and serum markers for liver fibrosis detection
HA Dyvorne, GH Jajamovich, O Bane, MI Fiel, H Chou, TD Schiano, ...
Liver International 36 (5), 659-666, 2016
3D T1 relaxometry pre and post gadoxetic acid injection for the assessment of liver cirrhosis and liver function
C Besa, O Bane, G Jajamovich, J Marchione, B Taouli
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DCE-MRI of hepatocellular carcinoma: perfusion quantification with Tofts model versus shutter-speed model—initial experience
GH Jajamovich, W Huang, C Besa, X Li, A Afzal, HA Dyvorne, B Taouli
Magnetic Resonance Materials in Physics, Biology and Medicine 29, 49-58, 2016
Minimax-Optimal Hypothesis Testing with Estimation-dependent Costs
GH Jajamovich, A Tajer, X Wang
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 60 (12), 6151 - 6165, 2012
Neuroendocrine liver metastases: Value of apparent diffusion coefficient and enhancement ratios for characterization of histopathologic grade
C Besa, S Ward, Y Cui, G Jajamovich, M Kim, B Taouli
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Space-time coding for MIMO radar detection and ranging
GH Jajamovich, M Lops, X Wang
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 58 (12), 6195-6206, 2010
Hepatocellular carcinoma: IVIM diffusion quantification for prediction of tumor necrosis compared to enhancement ratios
S Kakite, HA Dyvorne, KM Lee, GH Jajamovich, A Knight-Greenfield, ...
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Simultaneous measurement of hepatic and splenic stiffness using MR elastography: preliminary experience
HA Dyvorne, GH Jajamovich, C Besa, N Cooper, B Taouli
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Joint Multitarget Tracking and Sensor Localization in Collaborative Sensor Networks
GH Jajamovich, X Wang
IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems 47 (4), 2361-2375, 2011
DCE-MRI of the liver: reconstruction of the arterial input function using a low dose pre-bolus contrast injection
GH Jajamovich, C Calcagno, HA Dyvorne, H Rusinek, B Taouli
PLoS One 9 (12), e115667, 2014
Non-invasive prediction of portal pressures using CT and MRI in chronic liver disease
S Kihira, AC Kagen, P Vasudevan, GH Jajamovich, TD Schiano, ...
Abdominal Radiology 41, 42-49, 2016
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