Ambrus Kenyeres
Ambrus Kenyeres
BFKH Satellite Geodetic Observatory
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Tectonic implications of the GPS velocity field in the northern Adriatic region
G Grenerczy, G Sella, S Stein, A Kenyeres
Geophysical Research Letters 32 (16), 2005
Present crustal movement and strain distribution in Central Europe inferred from GPS measurements
G Grenerczy, A Kenyeres, I Fejes
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Guidelines for EUREF densifications
C Bruyninx, Z Altamimi, A Caporali, A Kenyeres, M Lidberg, G Stangl, ...
Bulletin of Geodesy and Geomatics 69 (1), 137-147, 2010
Enhancement of the EUREF permanent network services and products
C Bruyninx, H Habrich, W Söhne, A Kenyeres, G Stangl, C Völksen
Geodesy for Planet Earth, 27-34, 2012
EPN coordinate time series monitoring for reference frame maintenance
A Kenyeres, C Bruyninx
GPS solutions 8 (4), 200-209, 2004
The development of the European gravimetric geoid model EGG07
H Denker, JP Barriot, R Barzaghi, D Fairhead, R Forsberg, J Ihde, ...
Observing Our Changing Earth, 177-185, 2009
Crustal deformation between Adria and the European platform from space geodesy
G Grenerczy, A Kenyeres
The Adria microplate: GPS geodesy, tectonics and hazards, 321-334, 2006
Status of the European gravity and geoid project EGGP
H Denker, JP Barriot, R Barzaghi, R Forsberg, J Ihde, A Kenyeres, U Marti, ...
Gravity, Geoid and Space Missions, 125-130, 2005
Central European intraplate velocities from CEGRN campaigns
M Becker, E Cristea, M Figurski, L Gerhatova, G Grenerczy, J Hefty, ...
EGS General Assembly Conference Abstracts 27, 2002
Noise and periodic terms in the EPN time series
A Kenyeres, C Bruyninx
Geodetic Reference Frames, 143-148, 2009
Development of a European combined geodetic network (ECGN)
J Ihde, T Baker, C Bruyninx, O Francis, M Amalvict, A Kenyeres, ...
Journal of Geodynamics 40 (4-5), 450-460, 2005
EPN Special Project on “Time series analysis…“Preliminary Results and Future Prospects
A Kenyeres, J Bosy, E Brockmann, C Bruyninx, A Caporali, J Hefty, ...
EUREF publication, 72-75, 2002
Present crustal deformation pattern in the Pancardi Region: Constraints from Space Geodesy
G Grenerczy, I Fejes, A Kenyeres
Neotectonics and surface processes: the Pannonian basin and Alpine …, 2002
The European reference frame: maintenance and products
C Bruyninx, Z Altamimi, C Boucher, E Brockmann, A Caporali, W Gurtner, ...
Geodetic reference frames, 131-136, 2009
Homogenous Reprocessing of the EPN: First Experiences and Comparisons
A Kenyeres, J Legrand, M Figurski, C Bruyninx, P Kaminski, H Habrich
Bulletin of Geodesy and Geomatics 3, 207-218, 2009
The implementation of IGS08 in the EPN ETRS89 maintenance products
A Kenyeres
Published online (ftp://epncb. oma. be/pub/station/coord/EPN …, 2012
Maintenance of the EPN ETRS89 coordinates
A Kenyeres
EUREF TWG 2009 Spring Meeting, Feb, 26-27, 2009
The Implementation of the ECGN Stations--Status of the 1st Call for Participation
J Ihde, T Baker, C Bruyninx, O Francis, M Amalvict, J Luthardt, G Liebsch, ...
EUREF Publication No. 14, 49-58, 2005
Preliminary results of the complete EPN reprocessing computed by the MUT EPN Local Analysis Centre
M Figurski, P Kamiński, A Kenyeres
Bulletin of Geodesy and Geomatics 1, 2009, 2009
Status of the European Reference Frame (EUREF)
JA Torres, Z Altamimi, C Boucher, E Brockmann, C Bruyninx, A Caporali, ...
Observing our Changing Earth, 47-56, 2009
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